Person Holding Removable Ash Pan From The Solo Stove Smokeless Bonfire Fire Pit 2.0 While Camping
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Wildly Popular Solo Stove Fire Pit Gets Upgraded: Bonfire 2.0 Review

Smokeless fire pits have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, and Solo Stove is helping lead the way. Today, its bestselling fire pit gets its first big upgrade.

With past Solo Stove Fire Pits (and options from other brands) you have to tip the entire thing over and roll it around to remove the ash. Plus, you usually have to carry it to the place you want to dump the ash first. It’s not a huge pain but they can be heavy and there is an easier way to do it (read: removable ash pan).

In short: Solo Stove listened to customer feedback and added the new ash pan. It’s very easy to use and makes your bonfire experience better. Adding this feature to an already very popular campfire pit is a crowd-pleaser.

But good/cool things cost money and Solo Stove is no different. There are three sizes priced between $230 and $500, which is quite an investment compared to some rocks in a circle — but if you want a premium experience, it’s one of the best smokeless fire pits there is.

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Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 With Removable Ash Pan Review

Guy Using the Removable Ash Pan from a Solo Stove Smokeless Bonfire Fire Pit 2.0 on a Deck By a Lake
(Photo/Zach Burton)

I tested the Solo Stove Fire Pit 2.0 in the Bonfire size for this review. I did a side-by-side comparison with the original Yukon Fire Pit and didn’t notice any difference in the amount of smoke produced by the new version. (GearJunkie was one of the first to review the Solo Stove smokeless firepit over 5 years ago if you want to check out our verdict on the original.)

Like the original Solo Stoves, if you use them properly and have fairly dry wood, your campfire will have considerably less smoke. It’s not 100% smoke-free, but it does reduce smoke compared to traditional fire pits.

People Sitting Around a Solo Stove Smokeless Bonfire Fire Pit 2.0 With Removable Ash Pan on a Patio
(Photo/Zach Burton)

As noted, the removable ash pan doesn’t impact the 360-degree signature airflow technology. It’s just a lot easier to clean. What’s more, since the fire burns so efficiently due to the vent holes and secondary combustion, almost all of the coals are gone. Because it’s just ash, it’s easy to clean.

With the new removable ash pan, you simply wait until everything is completely cold to the touch, and then take out the dome-shaped bottom and the ash pan. Then, just dump the ash in a safe place.

Great news: It’ll be integrated into all the Fire Pits going forward. Less great news: Unfortunately, there is no way to integrate the removable ash pan into the Fire Pit 1.0.

Person Holding Removable Ash Pan And Dumping Ash From The Solo Stove Smokeless Bonfire Fire Pit 2.0 While Camping
(Photo/Solo Stove)

The Ranger and Bonfire sizes come with a carrying bag. And each size comes with a stand to protect the surface beneath the Fire Pit from the heat. The price difference for the 2.0 versions compared to the 1.0 Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon are $30, $80, and $100, respectively.

Solo Stove Fire Pit 2.0 Specs

  • Ranger
    • Diameter: 15 in.
    • Weight without stand: 16 lbs.
    • Height with stand: 15.25 in.
    • Price: $230
  • Bonfire
    • Diameter: 19.5 in.
    • Weight without stand: 20 lbs.
    • Height with stand: 16.75 in.
    • Price: $260
  • Yukon
    • Diameter: 27 in.
    • Weight without stand: 38 lbs.
    • Height with stand: 19.8 in.
    • Price: $460
Solo Stove Smokeless Bonfire Fire Pit 2.0 With Removable Ash Pan
Interior of the Solo Stove fire pit; (photo/Solo Stove)

More Solo Stove Upgrades & Accessories

If you want to go further with the upgrades, Solo Stove offers several accessories.

I’ve personally tested the heat deflector, which sits on top of the smokeless fire pit to deflect heat outward that would otherwise go straight up. I could tell a difference in my testing, and the extra warmth is excellent on cooler nights.

Solo Stove Smokeless Bonfire Fire Pit 2.0 on a Deck By a Lake With A Heat Deflector On Top Of It
Testing the Bonfire with the heat deflector outdoors; (photo/Zach Burton)

If you have the heavy-duty Yukon (biggest size) and move it frequently, you may want to consider getting a handle. I’ve tested the handle on my own Yukon, and it’s easy to use. And, it allows you to carry the nearly 40-pound pit alone or with another person.


Bottom line: People buy a Solo Stove Fire Pit to elevate their campfire experience. The removable ash pan and other upgrades expand on an already premium experience. Plus, the durable stainless steel fire pit should last for years and years.

If you have the cash and don’t already have a smokeless fire pit (and have maybe been waiting for this upgrade), you’re in luck, because Solo Stoves are now better than ever.

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Solo Stove Smokeless Bonfire Fire Pit 2.0 on a Patio
The three components: removable ash pan, fire pit unit, and bottom panel; (photo/Zach Burton)
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