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Pint Dreams: Stainless Glass Keeps Drinks Cold

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Beer can get warm quickly on a hot day. Short of slamming it, the Hydro Flask True Pint is a new option that ensures the travesty of warm beer never has to happen again.


The Hydro Flask True Pint is a stainless steel pint glass. It’s vacuum-insulated to keep contents cold (or hot) longer. It comes in several different colors, and the body of the pint has a grippy, powder-coat exterior for an easy hold and comfortable feel.

Next Generation Pint Glass?

A double-wall metal pint means you don’t worry about your libations warming prematurely. Ours kept suds frosty cold far longer than a glass pint.

The lip of the pint is made to “feel like you’re drinking from glass.” Although not totally true to feel for me, the pint was pleasant to drink from.

hydroflask pint 4

Hydro Flask designed it with the lip curved inward to help with smoother pours.

When I handed it over to the tapster at my local watering hole he remarked that the pint poured well although led to a slightly more heady pour than an optimal glass pint.

hydroflask pint 2

Cold Beer

Easy drinking and ice cold, my suds were as delicious as ever.

They stayed cold longer than in a glass pint and the glass didn’t sweat, making it easier to drink from.

Stacking glasses at a get-together? There is a subtle step-up in the bottom of this pint to make stacking them easy. No more stuck pints.

For use outside, this is a good option. Drop it and it cannot shatter, or stow it with no worry in a pack.

One bummer: The True Pint is not dishwasher safe so you’re going to have to use good ol’ elbow grease to clean them.

If you’re tired of warm beer and wet glasses, the True Pint is your salvation.

These glasses are all I drink from nowadays and will be on my shelf for years to come.

–Available from Hydro Flask for $25 apiece.


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