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Not An App: Multi-Tool Phone Case Cuts Wood, Opens Bottles

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The brand TaskLab introduced an iPhone case with multitools a couple years ago. It also makes models with a hidden tool compartment designed for cycling, “urban” use and stashing your, uh, let’s just say stashing.

Now the company added the TaskOne G3 case for iPhone 5/5s to its lineup. The case packs more (22) tools, plus 2 kickstands and a universal mount for attaching reciprocating saw blades — to your phone.

Built with aluminum and polycarbonate, the TaskOne G3 has:

A knife — A 2.5-inch knife (with 1.8-inch saw blade). The case serves as a handle that the company claims is strong enough to protect the phone while the knife is in use.

Three Screwdrivers — An ejector button is pushed for access to screwdrivers that can then be removed and placed in the screwdriver slot for use at the top of the case.

A saw blade mount — Saw blades can be attached to the mount with an allen wrench.

Six allen wrenches — The wrenches are removable and labeled with their size.

A bottle Opener — According the company, this opener was tested on all types of bottles from “Cola to beer and beyond.”

A kickstand — The small screwdriver fits in machined slots on the back of the phone to work as a kickstand in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Pliers/wirecutters — When extended, the plier’s handle pops out of the case edge for access. Hardened stainless steel wire cutters snip through small wire.

Kind of crazy what you could do with your iPhone wrapped in one of these cases given all the apps on the market.

We haven’t tested the case and I’m skeptical of how well the tools, especially the pliers, will work. The company makes no claims about waterproofness, drop heights or other protective qualities.

For those who never leave their phone behind but don’t want to carry a mult-tool, it begins shipping the second week in June for $99 and is available for order now. —Sean McCoy

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