Tested: ‘UltaMid’ Pyramid Among Best Ultralight Shelters

According to the company, Dyneema Composite Fabric is 50-70% lighter than Kevlar, four times stronger than Kevlar, and it “allows flex without losing its strength.” It’s a perfect tent material.

Review: Hyperlite Mountain Gear Tent In Patagonia

The Ultamid tent is a classic pyramid tent. These types of tents have long been popular in the ultra-light backpacking and adventurer niche. My first experience with one was in Patagonia during the expedition race five years ago. The tent did us well, but it was a pretty tight squeeze with four teammates.

I was preparing for another tight squeeze on our first night in the Hyperlite Mountain Gear model. But it was comfortable and roomy enough in the fast-and-light style of this race.

Setting it up took us all but three to four minutes. With multiple reinforced tie-in points, 100 feet of spectra cord, and easily adjustable line locks on the perimeter, set up, tensioning, and adjustment was fast and easy, even in howling wind.

We set it up in marshes, on hard ground, and even in a dense forest where staking to the ground was not an option; we ended up tying it off to the trees, which worked out perfectly.

Cone at apex of tent provides center support hub
Reinforced cone at apex of tent provides center support hub

In every situation, the tent became a pretty spectacular home, shielding us from the elements and literally saving our lives in some cases. We would have been in trouble without this shelter during the storms.

Since the Patagonia adventure we have taken the tent on pack-rafting and bike-packing trips where weight is crucial. Once we forgot a trekking pole to set it up with, but because of the burly, specifically-designed center cone, it worked great with our paddle or even a found stick.

Beyond its high price, we have yet to find any complaints with this tent for ultralight adventures. It continues to be the first item on the list when we are headed out on a mission where weight and protection from the elements are top concerns.

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