‘Tiny Tents’ Stake Micro Market For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Set up a fully-functional dome camping tent with one hand, using finger-length poles, palm-size rain flys, and a zipper fit for your cat, or a Barbie doll; that’s the vision behind a just-launched line of tiny tents.

normal cat in tiny tent

The concept was brought to life by a former GoPro designer, Chris Clearman, who pursued what he called “a childhood dream” of owning and making mini camp shelters.

“Time has had no effect on my fascination with these tiny tents,” he said. Clearman believes plenty of outdoors enthusiasts will echo his fascination with the diminutive domiciles and fund the Tiny Tent Kickstarter campaign.

tint tent corner

Aside from its size, each Tiny Tent is fully functional in every detail, right down to the fire retardant applied to the nylon shell, as required by law for actual camping tents.

Scale Model Of Real Camping Tent

Setup is no different either: fiberglass poles bend and secure at the corners, and tiny hooks hold down the rain fly.

The floor is waterproof, both doors have screened windows to keep out comparatively giant bugs, and zippers keep you safe and private inside.

barbie tent

There are no stakes, Clearman notes, which is great news for your tabletops or living room floor.

The tents are available in blue or green, and they come as either a super-small size for dolls and action figures (19 x 19 x 12 inches), or larger for dogs and cats (29 x 29 x 19 inches).

Tiny Tents run between $25 – $35 with expected delivery in October. Order your mini tent now in time for a doll expedition or some pet camping come this fall.

Adam Ruggiero

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