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Find Your Sea to Summit Sleep System and Bring On the ZZZs: (Gear)icatures

Betty the Backpacker has learned the hard way that having the right kit in the backcountry changes the game. And Sea to Summit’s gear ranks near the top of her must-have sleep system.
Betty the Backpacker gets cozy in her tailored sleep system with Sea to Summit.; (Illustrations/Ry Foat)Betty the Backpacker gets cozy in her tailored sleep system with Sea to Summit; (illustrations/Ry Foat)
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Betty the Backpacker loves to explore. Whether slogging up switchbacks, dancing over craggy terrain, or suffering through an unexpected cloud burst (with a big grin), she’s always stoked to find the perfect camp. 

But like most seasoned backpackers, Betty knows that getting to camp is only half the fun. Over years of dialing in her kit — a mix of creature comforts and cold, hard necessities — she has become a true believer that Sea to Summit’s sleeping gear tailors the best sleep system for her. 

Knotty roots, bulging rocks, too-cold temps — there are many ways for a night of sleep at camp to be ruined. That’s why she doesn’t mess around anymore, and built out her sleep system for guaranteed ZZZs on every adventure.

How Betty Stays Warm & Cozy With Her Sleep System 

Hiking hard all day (with her crew and pup in tow) and then setting up camp at a rad spot with a view — nothing makes Betty happier.

Sure, a couple of things get close. Like enjoying a cup of tea in the alpine at sunset. Or using her camp stove to prep her favorite dehydrated backpacker meal.

But if we’re being honest, having a comfortable, durable, and warm sleep system just hits different. Sea to Summit engineered each component (pillow, sleeping bag, pad, and liner) to work as a unit, so Betty knows that her comfort’s a lock once she’s ready to get cozy at camp.

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Catching Some Backcountry ZZZs With Sea to Summit

Spark Sleeping bag
The Seat to Summit Spark Sleeping Bag; (illustration/Ry Foat)

Exhibit A: Spark Sleeping Bag

We all hate carrying overly heavy packs. That’s why Sea to Summit’s Spark Sleeping Bag is an ideal go-to mummy bag — at only 12.8 ounces, the Spark keeps things light so you won’t tap out before reaching camp.

Not a winter backpacker? Neither is Betty. The Spark’s 45F rating is more than enough to keep folks toasty on most fall, summer, and spring nights. Its RDS-certified 850+ fill power goose down is supremely plush, yet highly packable for muscling it into the deepest crevasses of your pack.

Plus, you can zip the full-length (15F & 0F Bags) model to the Spark Women’s sleeping bag, allowing you to combine bags with a partner for snuggling and warmth retention. Betty used to pull that move, but she dropped her ex like a hot potato after he forgot their rainfly in the Tetons last year.

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The Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow; (illustration/Ry Foat)
The Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow; (illustration/Ry Foat)

Exhibit B: Aeros Premium Pillow

Putting all of your clothes into a stuff sac and pretending it provides a satisfying pillow experience will inevitably disappoint you. We’ve all been there: waking up in the middle of the night with a stiff neck. Never again.

After a few trips making this mistake, Betty adopted the Aeros Premium Pillow for all of her head-supporting comfort in the backcountry. Sometimes, she uses it at home, too (because it’s so darn comfy!).

Lightweight and compact, the Aeros 50D polyester knit is extremely plush on your sun-drenched skin, and inflation/adjustment/deflation only takes a couple of seconds of dialing it in.

To top things off, the Pillow Lock System keeps the Aeros secured on top of your Ether Light XT Insulated Air Sleeping Mat. Meaning your head support stays put, no matter how much you toss, turn, or adjust your body for puppy snugs.

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Ether Mat
The Sea to Summit Ether Light Mat XT Insulated Air Sleeping Mat; (illustration/Ry Foat)

Exhibit C: Ether Light XT Insulated Air Sleeping Mat

In the wilderness, we all love a quiet, peaceful atmosphere — especially while sleeping. That said, designers built the Ether Light XT Insulated Air Sleeping Mat to reduce the noisy squeaks and groans typical of other, less robustly designed pads.

Keeping in line with the 3-season functionality, this mat is lightweight and good to go for both your warm(ish) and cool(ish) adventures. XT Air-Sprung Cells maintain their shape and deliver heaps of slumber-tastic comfort for lounging or catching some ZZZs.

Always roughing it on varied terrain, Betty loves the mat’s unyielding durability. With uprated 30D/40D face fabric, the Ether Light XT refuses to back down from a snag or two. There are few things worse than a leaky sleeping mat in the backcountry, and thankfully, Betty hasn’t needed to do an emergency patch job in years.

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Reactor Liner, Sleep System
The Sea to Summit Reactor Liner; (illustration/Ry Foat)

Exhibit D: Reactor Liner

Warm and so cozy, the Reactor Liner is a great way to up the warmth of your entire sleep system — especially when the temps are dipping toward the low end of the Spark Sleeping Bag’s rating.

Even cocooned deep in your bag, the Reactor Liner provides freedom of movement. Thanks to the Thermolite Pro fabric’s stretch knit design, you can move and twist unencumbered. The generous footbox opening provides tons of “OK, I’m hot now” escape ventilation. Plus, you can wear the Reactor like a Snuggie as you move about camp.

But maybe the best part: The Reactor Liner is easy to toss in the laundry and makes washing your backpacking gear a much more streamlined process. Who doesn’t love an easy de-rig?

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Ralph the dog, Sleep System

Sleep System Exhibit E: Ralph, the Plucky Mountain Beast

It’s true: Ralph is not technically a part of a sleep system. He still earns an honorable mention because he has become an essential part of Betty’s camp kit over the years.

Ralph always seeks out snuggles, particularly after a long day on the trail. And he loves the plush, cozy warmth of Sea to Summit gear when the alpine breeze picks up.

Ocean to mountain, river to forest, there’s no place Ralph would rather be than at Betty’s side. Whether tuckered out after a long hike, or just taking their first steps on their next trip, Betty and Ralph live for adventure. And Sea to Summit has all the layers to find the best sleep system that offers opportunities for them to recharge, relax, and enjoy every single moment.

This (Gear)icature was sponsored by Sea to Summit.

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