Rock Climbing In Turkey. A Return Home

This video tells the story of Turkey native Omercan Sakar who came to Brooklyn following his passion for music.

In doing so he left behind his entire family, his friends, and his homeland. Since then, he’s been working on creating music and has become a fixture of the climbing community in New York City.

The Petzl Roctrip band on its tour through Turkey
The Petzl Roctrip band

When Petzl announced that its 2014 Roctrip tour, a traveling rock-climbing festival, would be going through Turkey, Sakar agreed to be the cultural guide and make the trip back to the homeland he had left.

Omer climbing in Turkey
Omer climbing in Turkey

The video follows Sakar on his journey back home to reconnect through climbing and music with his half-brother and the country he left behind.

Omer and Zorbey Aktuyun, his half-brother, reunited in Turkey
Omer and Zorbey Aktuyun, his half-brother, reunited in Turkey


Eric Lemke

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