‘Girls Gone Wide’ and Hard Crack Climbs: ‘Tradprincess’ on 5.13 in Indian Creek

After a prolonged recovery from wrist surgery, Mary Eden returned to Indian Creek to battle a 5.13 finger crack. Watch her white-knuckle her way to the finish.

Recovering from severe injuries often poses a harder challenge for climbers than any single route. After staying off the walls for months following wrist surgery in February 2022, Mary Eden returned to Indian Creek in May.

She decided to tackle Pat’s Blue Ribbon, a 5.13- finger crack requiring endurance, balance, and a delicate crux near the finish. The straightforward video is punctuated by Eden’s heavy breathing and some dramatic, Hans Zimmer-esque music.

“It was really meaningful to resume climbing again and attempt to come back stronger and fitter than I was while I was dealing with my injury,” Eden says.

Crank it, @tradprincess!

Runtime: 8 minutes

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