All ‘Roped Activities’ Banned At Moab Arches

photo by Michael Grindstaff

If doing a giant rope swing from Corona Arch is on your bucket list, you now have a lot more time to plan your trip.

Last week, the Bureau Of Land Management in Moab, Utah, placed a two-year ban on “roped activities,” effectively putting a stop to ziplining, highlining, slacklining, climbing, and rope-swinging at Corona Arch and Gemini Bridges.

In 2013, a video by videographer Devin Graham (aka Devin Supertramp) titled “World’s Largest Rope Swing” went viral, bringing crowds of visitors and thrill-seekers to the area.

The BLM states that complaints about the crowds by area hikers are the reason for the decision, rather than the inherent danger that roped activities entail.

“This temporary restriction provides the BLM time to continue working with the public to develop appropriate recreation management strategies for these popular recreation destinations,” said Moab Field Office Manager Beth Ransel.

See the official press release and more info here.