Grappling Hook Folds Down Flat

Throw a rope, snag an object, and climb… grappling hooks are kind of a fantastical piece of gear that are usually so bulky and impractical you leave them behind. Not anymore.

Grappling Hook

This design, which is currently fund-raising on Kickstarter, is made of two halves that fold flat for easy transport or storage.

Folded grappling hooks

The hooks are available in two models. One is 5″x5″x5″ when assembled (5″x5″x3/8″ flat) and holds about 400 pounds.

The small version is 2.5″x2.5″x2.5″ when assembled (2.5″x2.5″x1/8″ flat) and holds about 40 pounds.

foldable grappling hook

They are made from stainless steel. The design is clever, allowing use with either a shackle or simply with cord or webbing.

By nesting the two sides together and sliding a shackle or cord through the hole, the two sides become a single piece.

big and small grappling hook

Grappling hooks are niche items for sure, but this one is pretty darned cool if you want to load it in with other gear and not take up a ton of space.

The small version is just $13, the large is $40, and they are also available with or without cord. If you need to get your ninja on, check them out on Kickstarter now.

Sean McCoy

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