Hazel Findlay Faces Fear on Route That Nearly Killed Her

Hazel Findlay has become well-known for sending very hard, scary-as-hell climbs. In her latest vid, she returns to a run-of-the-mill 5.11a route that almost ended her career.

About 10 years ago, Findlay took a serious fall off the unprotected lower section of “Impact Day,” a dangerous trad route in Pavey Ark, England.

This year, she returned for a rematch.

“My eyes immediately went to where I fell,” she says in this Black Diamond-produced vid. “And I just don’t understand how I’m not dead or worse or something.”

Many climbers will never return to a route with such a potent, near-death memory. But most climbers aren’t Hazel Findlay.

No doubt she treated herself to another “few pints” after this one.

Runtime: 10.5 minutes

Findlay projecting in Spain; (still/BMC)
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