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‘MasterClass’ Photography With Jimmy Chin: Learn and Save Today

Jimmy Chin in blue jacket posing with camera on top of peakPhoto credit: MasterClass
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If you’ve ever thought about taking a MasterClass, now’s your chance to do it and score a great deal.

From portrait and landscape photography to world-class cuisine, MasterClass gives you a chance to learn from the greats. And classes are BOGO (buy one get one) right now, so you and a friend can get a great deal.

There are some things we can’t do from home, but there are many things we can. Making art or music, taking photos, and cooking food are just a few. If you’re itching to get better at, say, adventure photography, why not take a class with Jimmy Chin?

Here’s how it works: Sign up now and get two annual MasterClass memberships for the price of one. That’s it. Annual memberships include unlimited access to all MasterClass courses, course material, and instructor videos.

Here at GearJunkie, we may be masters of gear, but we aren’t well-versed in everything. Several members of our staff have tried these classes, from photography to cooking to business, and really enjoyed them. And how can you not with instructors like Simone Biles and Jimmy Chin?

MasterClass is everything it sounds like — you learn from the masters. Class topics start big, for example, with the concept of photography, and dissect down to details like how to work with your environment. Simple compositions can become extremely complex by changing the position of the subject in the scene, the scene itself, or something as minuscule as a shoe or a shadow.

So if you’ve thought about lugging along that 400mm lens on your next backpacking trip, writing a memoir, or cooking coq au vin during quarantine, take a class first to master those skills.

Browse the full list of classes and sign up here.

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