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4-Week Fitness: Tough Mudder Launches 30-Day Training Plan

Tough Mudder Funky Monkey
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T-Minus 30 promises to prepare would-be Tough Mudder racers with 30 days of 30-minute workouts.

Swinging through monkey bars, hurdling giant hay bales, and belly-crawling through a field of muck: To say the least, Tough Mudder races present some unique challenges to dedicated athletes and workaday folks alike.

Tough Mudder T-Minus 30 Training
Hunter McIntyre leads a T-Minus 30 Tough Mudder training class

That brand of real-world (if somewhat apocalyptic) physicality has helped Tough Mudder become a multimillion-dollar race series. And while getting absolutely worked is part of the fun, everyone wants to kick ass on race day.

Tough Mudder

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So with the 2019 race series kicking off in a couple of weeks, Tough Mudder teamed up with online-streamable training platform Openfit to launch T-Minus 30, a 30-day regimen specifically tailored to the demands of the Tough Mudder race.

“We want everyone to be able to experience the benefit of a Tough Mudder event. T-Minus 30 makes it easier than ever for anyone to prepare for an event, test themselves with harder workouts and have fun while doing it,” said Rabia Qari, Tough Mudder senior vice president of marketing.

Tough Mudder ‘T-Minus 30’ Training Program

Let’s be clear: If you’re dedicated, you can hit the gym and design your own workout program with a little bit of know-how and probably crush a Tough Mudder. Plus, the internet is basically 50 percent cat videos and 50 percent nutrition and workout tips.

And Tough Mudder already offers 10-minute workout videos and downloadable training and nutrition plans. But for those who want full workouts, with coaching tailored specifically to a Tough Mudder Race — all within a 30-day window — this is it.

Tough Mudder T-Minus 30

To lead the group video workouts, Tough Mudder tapped four-time race champ Hunter McIntyre. So the program does leverage actual race experience.

In the videos, McIntyre coaches a group through dynamic-movement bodyweight and dumbbell-assisted workouts. The plan also includes guides for endurance running, pullups, and obstacle-specific workouts.

T-Minus 30 increases workout intensity, culminating with a final “challenge week.” It also guides racers through a taper week to recover before race day.

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And because the T-Minus 30 plan requires an $8.33 per month subscription to Openfit, it adds a little extra incentive to follow through.

So, is this training the key to cracking a Tough Mudder? That likely depends on your discipline and motivation. Those who already train or maintain a high level of fitness will probably be fine with what they already do. And Tough Mudder’s free assets will help prospective racers supplement their current routine.

But if you’ve signed up for a Tough Mudder event to whip yourself into shape, the extra coaching could help. And a 30-day commitment seems well within reach for most people.

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