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In ‘Outside the Tracks,’ Emilien Jacquelin Sheds Light on a Biathlon Secret Weapon

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Discover how Emilien Jacquelin, a two-time silver medalist in the biathlon at the Olympics, improves his shooting technique by figuring out what works best for him.

“He’s capable of anything,” said French biathlete Emilien Jaquelin’s shooting coach, Patrick Favre.

And Farve might be right. Jacquelin’s new approach to shooting in his biathlon training sessions might be opening a world of possibilities for the biathlete.

Biathlon is one of the most exciting sports in the Winter Olympics. It combines cross-country skiing and marksmanship in a race that’s hard to take your eyes off of. Jacquelin has been competing since 2017. But it wasn’t until recently that he really honed in on his personal biathlon style.

By starting his initial shot slowly and deliberately before accelerating to the quick shooting he’s usually used to, Jaquelin establishes his biathlon rhythm and improves his performance.

“It’s true that my first shots are often slow, but I need that time to focus and let everything come together,” he said.

Watch the short film “Outside the Tracks” to observe how Jacquelin develops a personal biathlon strategy that works for him.

“Right now, I just want to do what I know how to do in my own way — not by imitating other people or doing something that isn’t right for me,” he said.

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