‘Out on a Wire’ Grunge Documentary Follows Unsanctioned, Underground 300-Mile Foot Race

You are tasked with running 344 miles with no aid, strangers for teammates, and no access to an official course. Would you do it? If so, this film’s for you.

The “Out on a Wire” documentary film centers on The Speed Project — an invite-only, underground, and unsanctioned 344-mile road race from Santa Monica, California, to Las Vegas. Individuals and teams of six make their way from point A to B with no rules, no on-course support, and, oddly enough, no official route.

This year, Paris-based brand Satisfy Running assembled its first team to run in The Speed Project. The coed team includes an ex-fashion model, an ultramarathoner, and Aric Van Halen (Alex Van Halen’s son). Runners yes, but strangers rather than teammates.

To understand the “why” behind this team, this nontraditional run, and this project, you first have to understand Satisfy. In the brand’s words, Satisfy doesn’t stand for record-breaking times or competitive races. Instead, the disruptive running company focuses on fostering a community of like-minded individuals who run for the pursuit of a feeling instead of a medal.

Curious as to how the team bonded and how the run went? You’ll have to watch the film.

‘Out on a Wire’ is Satisfy’s first feature documentary, and premieres in New York’s IFC theater on July 28. For non-New Yorkers, you can watch the film Thursday, July 29 online at Satisfy Running.

Run time: 48 minutes. Directed by Adam Talan.

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