Asics Runners Face Cover

ASICS Launches Hydration-Friendly Running Mask That Cools the Air You Breathe

ASICS touts its Runners Face Cover as a ‘revolutionary’ mask that uses special vents, cools the air runners breathe, and allows the wearer to drink water.

You should wear a mask, plain and simple. It’s a devastating and profoundly simple weapon in the fight against coronavirus. Most of the time (for most of us), we have no problem slapping one on to respect and protect the health and safety of others.

But for high-output activity, masks can be — well, troublesome. They can absorb sweat and become hot and clammy, especially while running. Today, however, ASICS claims a crack team of “world-renowned scientists” helped it create a solution: the Runners Face Cover.

Asics Runners Face Cover

Launching mid-September, the $45 Runners Face Cover has “strategically placed air vents” and a special design ASICS says creates more space within the mask to promote more breathability. What’s more, according to the press release, the mask also allows runners to drink while running and helps reduce the risk of heatstroke by cooling the air you breathe.

ASICS Runners Face Cover: Mask Made for Running

A multi-billion-dollar company, ASICS has its own sports research entity, the ASICS Institute of Sport Science. Here, the brand said, a team of scientists worked to design a mask to address the key issues runners face while wearing a mask.


First and foremost, the team developed a mask that covers the nasal passage but creates more space between the mouth and the fabric than traditional coverings. According to ASICS, this makes breathing easier while running.

Next, the brand added vents at the base of the mask near the chin. This, ASICS claims, further increases and cools airflow while still “preventing saliva from splashing into the open air.”

Lastly, designers used a quick-drying, water-repellent, antibacterial material that’s washable and made from 31% recycled material.

An adjustable cinch cord wraps around the back of the neck to secure the fit during activity.

We look forward to putting this mask to the test on a few runs to see if it lives up to the hype. To learn more and sign up for updates on the ASICS Runners Face Cover, click here.

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