Courtney Dauwalter Crews for Hubby in 100-Mile Run

Courtney Dauwalter is a highly accomplished ultrarunner. But for this race, she’ll get to test her chops at crewing.

Imagine running a hardcore 100 miles. Now imagine doing that as a career. At any ultrarace, athletes need support in the form of a race crew. And runners like Courtney Dauwalter know this all too well.

In Salomon’s latest short film, the roles are reversed with professional ultrarunner Dauwalter and her husband, Kevin Schmidt. Schmidt, who is usually on the crew side, runs the Bear 100 in Utah, while Dauwalter, who’s usually hitting the trails, is the support.

“Ten times out of 11 I’m the one racing,” Dauwalter jokes. “I’m excited to see it from the other side.” This short 16-minute film is a lighthearted take on everything that goes into ultras. It’s about love, race culture, and steadfast support.

The Bear 100 race takes runners 100 miles — from Logan, Utah, to Fish Haven, Idaho. Roughly one-third of the participants don’t finish.

View the full episode above or on Salomon TV. Salomon sponsored this film.

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