Watch Rickey Gates Run Every Street in San Francisco

In 2018, Rickey Gates ran every single street in the bustling West Coast city. He covered 1,303 miles in 46 days!

Gates has a history with nontraditional ultraendurance events. In 2017, he ran across the U.S. for his Transamericana project. And last year, he set his sights on one specific city.

“To walk across a place is to observe and participate in a vast, intricate and complex web of infrastructure. It is to experience the history of that place in a very real and personal way,” Gates wrote in a blog post before he set off. “To walk across a place is to truly know a place.” Read our full report on Gates’ Every Single Street project here.

Rickey Gates Runs all of San Francisco Streets
Rickey Gates Runs Every Single Street in San Francisco

Just 46 days ago, Gates set off to run Every Single Street in San Fransisco. Now, he's covered 1,303 miles and seen every nook and cranny. Read more…

Nate Mitka

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