BURNOUT travel mug

‘Drink Now’ Tech Mug Means Coffee’s Never Too Hot

Travel mug brand BURNOUT is using space tech to keep fluids like coffee at their optimal — or most drinkable — temperature.

The BURNOUT container uses heat-retaining technology to keep important daily drinks like coffee at the right temperature, at least for three solid hours. And you don’t need to plug in the mug. The technology is baked right in.

That means you don’t have to wait for coffee or tea to cool down or reheat it before you drink it. Within minutes, the BURNOUT mug builds to and stays at an optimal sipping temperature for several hours.

The brand calls it “drink now” technology.

BURNOUT travel mug

How BURNOUT Mug Technology Works

We’ve all experienced tongue burn. Your barista cranks the steamer too long on your Americano and loads it into a bombproof, vacuum-sealed stainless steel container.

One tiny sip can kill a whole afternoon’s worth of taste buds. And how about when that scalding fluid spills out and lands on your crotch in the car? Ouch.

That’s the problem a group of aerospace engineers wanted to solve with the BURNOUT. To create the “perfect” temperature inside, a dual-chamber design sandwiches a vacuum chamber between “aerospace-grade” stainless steel walls. That’s important because you don’t want the vacuum part up against your coffee.

BURNOUT travel mug

In a vacuum there’s no matter — nothing to transfer heat, only retain it. That’s why fluid stays so hot and can burn your mouth when you drink it out of a standard vacuum-sealed coffee mug.

Optimal Coffee Drinking Temperature: 140 Degrees

BURNOUT’s biggest innovation is on the inside chamber. A bio-based substance that the brand named HeatZorb quickly absorbs and stores heat from the fluid you put in the mug.

Here’s where the space tech comes into play. HeatZorb is a phase-change material, which means it can morph from solid wax to a liquid at a designated temperature.

And because it’s built right into the BURNOUT container’s walls, the brew inside can reach optimal drinking temperature in a just minute or two. For humans, that’s approximately 140 degrees.

BURNOUT travel mug

With a vacuum chamber outside, liquid on the inside, and HeatZorb in between, heat can transfer back to the coffee as needed over time. This keeps liquids at or near the optimal “drink now” temperature.

Kind of out of this world, right?

You can experiment with this travel tumbler on your next coffee run. Or give one to your favorite coffee geek for the holidays. BURNOUT travel mugs come in two colors — black and red — in 12- and 16-ounce sizes.

Even better: Use discount code GJ2018 for 20 percent off when you buy online through Dec. 13.

This article is sponsored by BURNOUT. Explore more travel mug styles here.