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guzzle H2O Overland Bundle Review: A Portable Water Purification Powerhouse

Guzzle H2O launches a portable three-stage water filter purification companion, promising unparalleled taste gleaned from any natural source and water quality that's second to none.
guzzle H2O Overland Bundle(Photo/Jason Spafford)
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Gone are the days of carefree wilderness sips, swooping your canteen through any stream. In 2022, a study found synthetic chemicals in 83% of U.S. waterways. Alas, uncertainty now lingers over the purity of many natural sources.

The pursuit of clean water is essential. While you can endure 3 weeks without food, you’ll only manage 3 days without water. Furthermore, with our growing propensity toward global exploration, countering viruses like hepatitis is vital.

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Enter the guzzle H2O Overland Bundle — a comprehensive solution for on-the-go hydration. Tested on multiple expeditions in the Scottish Highlands this summer, the Stream (the guzzle H2O filtration system) showcased its versatility, filtering pathogens like bacteria, eliminating viruses from fresh water, and supplying our Toyota Hilux with gallons of purified magic at an impressive flow rate.

In short: The guzzle H2O Overland Bundle provides portable water purification within 30 feet of natural sources. I appreciate its engineering, speed, and user-friendliness. While tailored for outdoor enthusiasts needing volume water purification, minimalists might prefer a smaller alternative.

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle


  • Dimensions  12.4" W x 9.8" T x 7.9" D
  • Weight 12 lbs.s
  • Flow 1.1 gals. (4L) per minute in Pressurized Mode & 0.75 gals. (3L) per minute in Pumping Mode
  • Filtration 0.5-micron Activated Carbon Block Filtration significantly reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odor, VOCs, micro-plastics, and heavy metals. LED UV-C purification kills 99.99% of bacteria, protozoa, and viruses,
  • Capacity Rechargeable LiFePO4 battery yields 32 gals. of filtered & purified water at a flow rate of 0.75 GPM (Pumping Mode) & 90 gals. at 1.1 GPM (Pressurized Mode)
  • Usage Freshwater compatible, including turbid water, using the 1-micron Scout prefilter
  • Components included Stream water filter system, 12V or 110/240V charger, pressure regulator, carbon block filter cartridge, inlet hose (red), outlet hose pressure regulator (blue), Scout 4" prefilter, mesh bag and O-ring spares kit, 30-ft. outlet hose (clear)


  • Portable in weight and size
  • Easy to use
  • Volume filters and purifies great-tasting water
  • Eliminates carrying heavy water loads from the trip’s start to end
  • Eradicates "water anxiety" during outdoor adventures
  • Replenishes your rig’s built-in tank without needing to park at the water’s edge
  • Easy to service in the field, with simple owner repair/replacement options
  • Stay off-grid for longer without the need to resupply water provisions


  • Premium price tag
  • Prolonged use in silty water will shorten the lifespan of the carbon block filter and Scout prefilter
  • No battery indicator for recharging

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle Review 

Co-founded by sailors, guzzle H2O introduces the Stream — a device drawing water from natural sources or taps. It employs a three-stage filtration process: prefilter, 0.5 micron solid activated carbon filter, and LED UV purifier.

A pump, lithium battery, and durable case are integrated, offering a self-contained system that pumps, filters, and purifies water instantly. With a 0.75 gallon-per-minute flow rate, it manages 35 gallons per charge.

The Overland Bundle combines the Stream filter system with a 30-foot hose and spare carbon cartridge.

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Usage & Target Audience

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, overlander, or van lifer seeking untamed landscapes but without the desire or ability to carry volumes of fresh water, the Stream can draw ample safe water from any freshwater source like mountain creeks, rivers, lakes, streams, and babbling brooks.

For family campers tired of poor-tasting campground water, this system can be directly connected to a water source — a hose connection or faucet — ensuring purification and enhanced taste.

Guides and hunters will find it optimal for hydration, eliminating the wait for gravity systems or strenuous hand pumping. Even preparing for water deficits, the Stream’s adaptability gives rise to readiness.

The Overland Bundle: In the Field

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
The guzzle H2O Overland Bundle is great for filling portable water containers; (photo/Jason Spafford)

I tested this filtration system in various wildernesses during a Scottish Highland summer of overlanding in our Toyota Hilux. The testing gave credence to guzzle H2O’s lofty claims. 

Upside in the Field

I found the pump worked noticeably quicker than anticipated, especially within 6 feet of a water source.

The Stream claims to pumps 32 gallons at 1.1 gallons per minute on a single charge. In reality, that’s about right. We filled our 12.2-gallon tank in 11.5 minutes — about a third less than when we sourced water from a public tap directly.

Altogether, we got two-and-a-half fills before having to recharge the unit. No other system on the market I’m aware of comes close. To recharge the Stream, we employed a 12V charger. Or, a 110/220V charger or solar panel arrangement can be used — see Accessories.

(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Downside in the Field

Occasionally, the 30-foot hose fell short of reaching a nearby stream, hindering our ability to replenish supplies.

When the water source was too silty with sediment, we eventually clogged up the block filter, putting undue stress on the pump. I’m glad the Overland Bundle came with a spare.

guzzle H2O Stream Setup

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Initial Setup

Charge the system battery. As it’s color-coded, simply connect the red intake hose to the red quick connect and the blue/clear outlet hose to the blue quick connect on the other side.

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Pressurized Water Operation

  1. Attach the hose fitting (¾” GHT) from the red intake hose to the pressure regulator.
  2. Thread the pressure regulator onto the water faucet.
  3. Start water flow by pressing the power button; air may take up to 60 seconds to purge initially.
  4. Press the power button to stop the water flow.
guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Unpressurized Water Operation

  1. Assemble the prefilter.
  2. Submerge the prefilter in the water source.
  3. Dip the outlet hose into your water container opening and hit the button. 
guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Tips for Enhancing Your Stream Experience 

  • Prefilter use: When drawing from silty water, employ the larger Guide prefilter (not included) over the standard Scout one.
  • Water flow: Never switch on without water flow, as water is needed to cool the UV unit. 
  • UV operation: Verify UV function in a dark area; visible glow indicates operational LED bulbs. 
  • Keep lid closed: Maintain lid closure for moisture, weather, and dirt protection. 
  • Prefilter cleaning: In silty conditions, clean the prefilter by gently scrubbing the membrane. 
  • Minimize silt intake: Reduce sediment intake to prolong the filters’ lifespan. 
  • Spare carbon block filter: Carry an extra filter to replace when clogged. 
  • Air purge: Run the Stream with the handle up or lid down to purge air. 
  • Long-term storage: Drain water from the Stream to prevent freezing damage. 
guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle: Price Point & Value

With an MSRP of $1,288, the Overland Bundle embodies a sustainable solution catering to the hydration needs of remote-seeking travelers. Effective within 30 feet of fresh water, the ensemble transfers safe and sweet-tasting water to your vehicle.

While a considered investment, the reassurance of filtering and purifying your survival nectar — arguably a primary travel concern — can justify the cost.

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Stream, Overland Bundle, or Expedition Bundle?

The Stream is compact and adept at drawing clean water from natural sources. It also connects to pressurized faucets to improve taste and reduce chemicals in city or campground water.

The Overland Bundle includes a 30-foot outlet hose and an extra carbon block cartridge to pump gallons into your rig without being on the water’s edge.

The Expedition Bundle expands with a 12V charger and a 100/240V charger, two carbon block replacements, and the Stealth — a built-in filtration and purification solution for vans, overland rigs, boats, or trailers’ onboard tanks.

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
Filling the Hilux’s onboard freshwater tank; (photo/Jason Spafford)

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle: Conclusions

The guzzle H2O Overland Bundle presents a compact, user-friendly water filtration solution, producing clean drinking water. Its high-output purification process impressed me.

guzzle H2O Overland Bundle
(Photo/Jason Spafford)

Access to any freshwater source removes the need for water conservation and refill uncertainty. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and explorers, although those whose space and load are at a premium, such as backpackers or kayakers, may prefer a smaller solution.

Its superior quality and convenience warrant the price, along with a 2-year warranty, which ensures essential off-grid health and hydration. 

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