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The Best Slippers of 2024

When it's time to relax, there's nothing like a cozy pair of slippers. Here's a list of the best slippers, with options from OluKai, Hari Mari, and more.
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The best slippers create an air of relaxation and can help ease the pain of spending hours on your feet. Whether putting in a full day of work on your feet or hammering through countless miles on the trail, few things feel better than easing into soft, cushy footwear. 

But the perfect pair of slippers is hard to come by. Different needs, situations, and personal preferences mean each set of feet requires a specific pair of slippers. So we took one for the team. In our seach for the perfect pair, GearJunkie’s editors did the hard work, kicking back with the softest, most supportive, and most comfortable kicks we could find. 

Whether you need a pair of slippers for recovering after a workout, soothing your feet by the campfire, or for reading the newspaper (yes, they still make those) with a cuppa Joe on the porch, there’s a pair here for you. Learn what makes up the best pair of slippers in our comprehensive buyer’s guide and FAQ at the bottom of the article. Our comparison chart can help you make a decision. Otherwise, read our complete gear guide below.

The Best Slippers of 2024

Best Overall Slippers

Hari Mari Men’s Hacienda


  • Material Suede outer, shearling interior
  • Footbed Memory foam
  • Outsole Rubber
Product Badge The Best Slippers of 2024


  • Soft lining
  • Durable
  • Can be worn outside
  • Excellent underfoot cushioning


  • They can get stinky over time
Best Bargain Slippers

Reef One Slide Chill


  • Material Faux-shearling
  • Footbed EVA
  • Outsole Rubber
The Best Slippers of 2024


  • Great price
  • Faux shearling lining dries quickly
  • Very durable outsole
  • Slider style allows air to flow through


  • Sliders aren’t for everyone
  • Toes can get cold in the winter
Best Postworkout Slippers

Kane Revive Recovery Shoe


  • Material RestoreFoam (sugar cane)
  • Footbed RestoreFoam (sugar cane)
  • Outsole RestoreFoam (sugar cane)
The Best Slippers of 2024


  • Excellent post-workout shoes
  • Nubs on the insole provide light massage
  • Very breathable
  • Cooler than Crocs, at least


  • Won’t keep your feet warm
  • Might get strange looks from people
  • Squeaking might drive you nuts
Best Wool Slippers

Glerups Shoe


  • Material Wool blend
  • Footbed Wool blend
  • Outsole Rubber or leather
The Best Slippers of 2024


  • Very soft interior
  • Stink-resistant
  • Can come with leather or rubber outsoles
  • Absorbs moisture and keeps feet dry


  • The fit is a little loose on narrow feet
Best of the Rest

OluKai Moloā Slipper


  • Material Nubuck leather exterior, shearling interior
  • Footbed Shearling
  • Outsole Rubber
The Best Slippers of 2024


  • Excellent indoor/outdoor slipper
  • Shearling interior is extremely soft
  • Very durable exterior
  • Kick-down heel


  • Shearling loses its loft over time

Manotobah Men’s Cottager


  • Material Full-grain leather
  • Footbed Leather
  • Outsole Crepe
The Best Slippers of 2024


  • Full-grain leather feels soft against the skin
  • Softens even more over time
  • Purchases directly support Indigenous artists


  • Can get chilly in cold weather
  • Cleaning requires some care

Slippers Comparison Chart

Hari Mari Men’s HaciendaSuede outer, shearling interiorMemory foamRubber$140
Reef One Slide ChillFaux-shearling 
Kane Revive Recovery Shoe RestoreFoam (sugar cane)
 RestoreFoam (sugar cane)
 RestoreFoam (sugar cane)
Glerups ShoeWool blendWool blendRubber or leather$140
OluKai Moloā  Slipper Nubuck leather exterior, shearling interiorShearling Rubber$140
Manotobah Men’s CottagerFull-grain leather
LeatherCrepe rubber$110
GearJunkie went to great lengths to test the comfiest slippers; (photo/Billy Brown)

How We Tested Slippers

GearJunkie editors ask a lot of our feet. We put endless miles on them over all kinds of terrain and mash them into pedals for hours on end. So when we’re not putting our feet through the ringer, we like to spoil them every now and then. 

We combined our years of experience taking care of our feet with several months of testing slippers to find the best ones for a variety of uses and preferences. If any shoes weren’t comfortable in any way or had an issue that we couldn’t resolve, it didn’t make it onto this list.  

As for the ones that did, we based our evaluations on things like fit, feel, cushiness, and warmth.As you can imagine, that required a lot of lounging, relaxing, and, ultimately, resting our feet. Tough gig, we know. 

The testing doesn’t stop here: As new slippers hit the market, we’ll call them in and test them out to ensure that this guide is consistently up to date.

The terry-like lining on the Reef One Slide feels like a comfy bath towel; (photo/Billy Brown)

Why You Should Trust Us

GearJunkie Editor Billy Brown knows footwear. As a former footwear editor for national publications and a former long-distance runner, he knows what goes into making a comfortable slipper. 

As a lifelong athlete, he knows a little something about downtime. He evaluated these shoes after long runs, grueling workouts, and long days on his feet to see which ones performed the best. 

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Slippers

A good pair of sweatpants should be something that you look forward to wearing every day. When you find a great pair, they’ll most likely become part of your everyday fit, whether that’s at home or out and about. With that in mind, it’s important to consider factors that will help you find a pair that you’ll enjoy putting on every chance you get.

In this buyer’s guide, we cover comfort, fit, durability, materials, and value, as well as other factors that are key to finding the perfect sweatpants.

Looking for more cozy gear? Check out our best men’s wool sweaters and best camp shoes buyer’s guides. 


With slippers, comfort is king. A good pair of slippers should be something that you look forward to putting on after a long day or a tough workout. If they don’t elicit an “aaahhh” when you put them on, they aren’t doing their job. 

That said, look for a pair of slippers with a pliable exterior that doesn’t confine your foot. Also, a soft interior will ramp up the coziness. A soft shearling liner like the one in the OluKai Moloā  Slipper is ideal, although its loft didn’t hold up as well as the Hari Mari Hacienda’s

The Moloa slipper’s lining lost more loft over time than the Hacienda; (photo/Billy Brown)

Sometimes, doesn’t require lining at all, however. If you want a soft feel without extra material, the full-grain leather of the Manotobah Men’s Cottager or the wool upper of the Glerups Shoe will do as well. Sweatpants are meant to be a comfy alternative to jeans and slacks, so how good they feel should be the top priority.


Slippers that don’t fit won’t feel good in the long run, but what that means can vary from person to person. Do you want to find something that wraps snugly around your foot? Consider the Hari Mari Men’s Hacienda, whose shearling lining provides a snug, almost compression-like feel. 

Want something looser? The Glerups Shoe provides a looser fit, as does the Reef One Slide Chill


Slippers should get more comfortable as time wears on, but that won’t happen if they fall apart after a few weeks. You’ll need a pair that’s built to last long enough to break in. The leather slippers on this list have all held up well to months of daily use, so those may be a solid option. 

GJ BG Slippers Kane Recovery Shoes
Bonus: You can put little duckies on Kane Recovery Shoes; (photo/Billy Brown)

And if you want to use them outside, be sure to find a pair with a rubber outsole, like most of the ones on this list have. So far, the most durable ones we’ve tested have been the Kane Revive Recovery Shoe. Thanks to the firm exterior and outsole, they still look like new after months of testing. 


There are plenty of options when it comes to material, but for durability, comfort, and softness, our favorite combination is a mix of leather or suede with a soft wool or shearling lining and a durable rubber outsole. 

The Glerups Shoe is one exception, as the upper is made entirely of wool, which is not just soft, but temperature-regulating and odor repellant as well. 

The Glerup Shoe’s upper is entirely made of odor-resistant wool; (photo/Billy Brown)


The sweatpants on this list range in price from $40 to $140. Yeah, you can spend $20 on a pair of slippers, but you may be sacrificing the comfort and durability that you’ll get with a higher-end pair. And with how comfortable these are, you’ll probably be wearing them every day.

The goal is to find a pair that you can wear for years instead of having to buy a new pair every year or so. If you hope to find a pair of slippers that you’ll want to wear every day, prepare to make a bit of an investment. 


Who makes the best slippers for men? 

There are lots of brands that make excellent slippers, but our favorites are made by either brands with a footwear-specific background. Brands that work exclusively on slippers are a plus as well. 

What is the most comfortable men’s slipper? 

Since comfort is subjective, the answer will vary depending on personal preference. We’re fans of slippers with leather because they provide a supple, unrestricted feel. A soft lining like shearling or wool is also a plus. The Hari Mari Men’s Hacienda combines these two factors in a durable, stylish package, which is why it’s our current favorite. 

Are OluKai slippers worth the price? 

They can be pricey, but OluKai puts premium materials, thoughtful design, and excellent style into its footwear. The result is slippers that look good, feel good, and are built to last, like the OluKai Moloā  Slipper on this list. 


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