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The Best Women’s Slippers of 2024

There's nothing like some great slippers to help you unwind and recover. Here's a list of our favorite women's slippers from OluKai, Hari Mari, and more.
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Few things feel better than kicking off your shoes and sliding into a comfy pair of slippers at the end of the day. The best women’s slippers can help your feet forget a full day of walking around at work, a brutal workout, or a long, rocky hike to base camp. 

But it isn’t easy to dial down the perfect pair of slippers for every individual. Each person has different needs and personal preferences, so finding the perfect one can require a woman to test multiple pairs. So test we did. We took a load of women’s slippers for test runs, gauging each one on aspects like comfort, style, support, and warmth. 

Whether you need slippers to recover after a workout, unwind after a long day of work or play, or just keep your feet warm on hardwood floors, there’s a pair that can work for you. If you want to get straight to the point, check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide and FAQ at the bottom of the article. If you’re still having trouble, our comparison chart can help you make a decision. Otherwise, read our complete gear guide below.

The Best Women’s Slippers of 2024

Best Overall Women’s Slippers

Manitobah Metis Moccasin


  • Material Suede exterior, rabbit fur interior
  • Footbed Sheepskin
  • Outsole Crepe
Product Badge The Best Women’s Slippers of 2024


  • Rabbit fur lining is ridiculously soft
  • Fit just gets better over time
  • Purchases directly support Indigenous artists


  • Some people may want more support
  • Cleaning requires some care
  • Definitely not vegan
Best Bargain Women’s Slippers

Naot Recline


  • Material Woven polyester
  • Footbed Fleece
  • Outsole Polyurethane
The Best Women’s Slippers of 2024


  • Soft woven polyester and fleece lining
  • Mattress foam insole
  • Durable knit polyester exterior
  • Vegan


  • Outsole can get slippery on hard surfaces
Best Wool Women’s Slippers

Glerups Women’s Slip On


  • Material Wool blend
  • Footbed Wool Blend
  • Outsole Rubber or leather
The Best Women’s Slippers of 2024


  • Soft wool interior
  • Odor-resistant
  • Leather or rubber outsole options
  • Moisture-wicking


  • Fits loose on narrow feet
Best Women’s Slippers for Indoor/Outdoor Use

OluKai Ku’i


  • Material Suede exterior, shearling lining
  • Footbed Wool
  • Outsole Rubber
The Best Women’s Slippers of 2024


  • Durable full-grain suede leather exterior
  • Excellent traction
  • Super-soft lining
  • Soft footbed


  • Shearling loses its loft over time
Most Durable Women’s Slippers

Hari Mari Sofia


  • Material Nubuck leather exterior, shearling lining
  • Footbed Memory foam
  • Outsole Rubber
The Best Women’s Slippers of 2024


  • Durable exterior
  • Plushy soft lining
  • Plenty of cushion underfoot


  • Can retain odor when worn without socks

Women’s Slippers Comparison Chart

Women’s SlipperPriceMaterialFootbedOutsole
Manitobah Metis Moccasin$145Suede exterior, rabbit fur interiorSheepskinCrepe
Naot Recline$70Woven polyester
Glerups Women’s Slip On$100Wool blendWool blendRubber or leather
OluKai Ku’i$140Suede exterior, shearling liningWoolRubber
Hari Mari Sofia$125Nubuck leather exterior, shearling liningMemory foam

How We Tested Women’s Slippers

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, the odds are you spend a lot of time on your feet. Whether you put your miles in by walking, hiking, running, or pedaling, they’re putting in the work. So it pays to make sure they get a little rest every now and then. 

The GearJunkie staff has spent cumulative lifetimes finding ways to help our feet rest and recover for the next adventure. Whether it’s with massage guns, lacrosse balls, or sometimes, just some cushy relaxation, we know about taking care of our feet. 

We used that experience to find the best women’s slippers, searching out the best ones for a variety of scenarios and applications. If any shoes were uncomfortable or didn’t stand out in any meaningful way, they didn’t make this list. 

For the ones that did, we rigorously tested them on things like warmth, comfort, softness, and durability. More or less, it meant a lot of taking it easy while taking notes. We’re not mad about it.

As you might guess, this is a pretty sweet gig, so as new slippers hit the market, we’ll call them in and test them out to ensure that this guide is consistently up to date.

Why You Should Trust Us

GearJunkie Editor Billy Brown knows footwear. As a former footwear editor for national publications and a former long-distance runner, he knows what goes into making a comfortable slipper. 

Lead tester Heather Brown has graciously accepted the job of testing women’s slippers for this update. Her testing consisted of wearing them and evaluating them based on the parameters set forth in this guide and adding insights where applicable. 

GJBG Women's Slippers testing
Our lead tester hard at work with the Hari Mari Sofia; (photo/Billy Brown)

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Women’s Slippers

The best women’s slippers should be a pair that you want to slip into as soon as you get into the house. Since you’ll be wearing them every day, it’s important to make sure that the slippers you buy hit all the right notes. Some things to consider when shopping for a pair of women’s slippers are comfort, fit, durability, materials, and value. 

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It seems like a no-brainer, but we’ll say it: Comfort is of paramount importance when buying slippers. If you don’t look forward to wearing them, they’re not the right ones. 

Look for a pair of slippers that are snug, but not restricting. A soft shearling interior lining like the OluKai Ku’i is a great option. As a bonus, some slippers like the Manitobah Metis Moccasins have linings that spill into the outside of the foot as well. 

GJBG Women's Slippers Manitobah Metis detail
The rabbit fur lining on the Manitobah Metis is luxuriously soft; (photo/Billy Brown)

Also, you may want a soft, supportive footbed. Look for ones made with materials like the Hari Mari Sofia’s memory foam or the Naot Recline’s mattress foam. 

If you’re looking for a simpler shoe without as much cushioning but plenty of softness, the Glerups Women’s Slip-On is a great choice. Basically, a wool bootie with a thin outsole, the Slip-On gives you a soft surface without a squishy midsole. 


Shoes of any kind that don’t fit well aren’t going to be comfortable. While slippers can be a bit more forgiving, they’ll feel a lot better if they fit right out of the gate. 

Since fit preferences vary from person to person, the perfect fit is different for everyone. Do you want something that provides a snug fit? The Hari Mari Sofia has a thick shearling lining that almost feels like compression. 

GJBG Women's Slippers OluKai Ku'i detail
The tread on the OluKai Ku’i is ideal for outdoor use; (photo/Billy Brown)

Want something looser? Look for a mule-style clog, like the OluKai Ku’i or Naot Recline. Also, the Glerups Women’s Slip-On provides a looser fit as well. 


Like all kinds of apparel, slippers should be more comfortable as you wear them, but they need to last long enough for that to happen. The best slippers should provide you with years of podiatric bliss. 

The slippers on this list have held up to months of testing, thanks to durable materials like full-grain leather or durable wool blends.

GJBG Women's Slippers Hari Mari Sofia detail
The Texas shearling liner on the Hari Mari Sofia stays lofty over time; (photo/Billy Brown)

 You should also consider the outsole, particularly if you want to wear them outside. While the Glerups Women’s Slip-On can come with indoor-ideal leather soles, all of the slippers on this list have durable rubber outsoles for outdoor use. 


There are countless materials available when it comes to women’s slippers. During our testing, a blend of high-grade leather on the exterior with a high-quality rubber on the outsole is an ideal recipe for longevity. 

The two exceptions on this list are the Glerups Women’s Slip-On, made of wool, and the Naot Recline, which are free of animal products. However, both have held up to testing without breaking down so far. 


The women’s slippers on this list range in price from $70 to $145. You can easily spend less on a pair of slippers, but you may be sacrificing the comfort and longevity that you’d get with a premium pair.  The Naot Recline offers excellent value as they’re warm, have a mattress foam footbed, and are around half the price of our top pick.

Rather than buy a new pair every year or so, it pays to find slippers that you can keep for years on end without them breaking down. If you’re willing to pay a bit more for it, you’ll likely be satisfied with your investment.  


Which brand of slippers are most comfortable?

There are lots of excellent slippers out there, but we’ve found that footwear-specific brands tend to make our favorite slippers. We’re big fans of Hari Mari and OluKai for their consistently comfy footwear.

How do I choose the best slippers?

Choosing the best pair of slippers for you is a matter of deciding what makes you comfortable. Do you want a soft, cushy lining? Consider the Manitobah Metis Moccasin or OluKai Ku’i. Want something durable that you can wear outside? Consider the Hari Mari Sofia. Feel like something a little more minimalist? The Glerups Women’s Slip On is a simple yet soft and durable wool option.

Are Olukai slippers worth the price?

OluKai can seem pricey, but they use premium materials and put a lot of thought into their designs. The result is footwear that is consistently comfortable, durable, and stylish.


The Best Slippers of 2024

When it’s time to relax, there’s nothing like a cozy pair of slippers. Here’s a list of the best slippers, with options from OluKai, Hari Mari, and more.

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