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Screaming Deals: Outdoor Gear Savings of the Week

This week’s screaming deals highlight a rolling suitcase, a backcountry hatchet, and a travel hammock.

Klymit Stash 18 Pack: $27 (51% Off)

Klymit Stash 18 Pack

If you’re looking for a stashable little day pack, this one from Klymit fits the bill. It has an inflatable frame to add some cushy support to a few hours on the trail or a bike trip back from the grocery store.

See the Klymit Stash 18 Pack

Marmot Trestles Elite 0 Sleeping Bag: $140 (32% Off)

Marmot Trestles Elite 0 Sleeping Bag

Zero-degree bags are my jam as a cold sleeper, and I always tell people to buy a colder bag than they think they’ll need. This is a great starter bag or potential emergency kit bag for those of us who travel through cold weather in remote places.

See the Marmot Trestles Elite 0 Sleeping Bag

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Wireless Speaker: $24 (66% Off)

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Wireless Speaker

This little speaker is waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled, and simple to use. If you’re looking for an affordable speaker for camping, fishing, paddling, and more, stash this one in that shopping cart before it sells out.

See the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Wireless Speaker

The Travel Hammock by Grand Trunk: $21 (65% Off)

The Travel Hammock by Grand Trunk

You know, for a pretty simple piece of bunched up fabric, hammocks can get pretty dang expensive. Which is why The Travel Hammock caught my eye. It’s $21, it’s a hammock, and I bet it works just fine. No frills. Just naps.

See The Travel Hammock by Grand Trunk

Gregory Quadro 30in Roller Bag: $135 (55% Off)

Gregory Quadro 30in Roller Bag

When it comes to luggage, I never wanted to spend money. But then I really started traveling, and it was time. So, if you’re like me, I’d like to tell you that paying full price for luggage is silly. But getting 55 percent off this nice Gregory rolly pack will make you feel way better about it.

Plus, it’s a really nice bag, with an ActiveShield compartment to separate your stinkies and enough room to pack a week’s worth of gear in your carry-on.

See the Gregory Quadro 30in Roller Bag

Sunnylife Round Fouta Towel: $25 (50% Off)

Sunnylife Round Fouta Towel

Did I put this round towel in the list because I want it? Yeah. I did. But come on! It’s super cute, the color scheme brings me a Marie Kondo level of joy, and it has a 59-inch diameter, which requires me to use a minute bit of math language I learned in primary school. The description also says it has a “nice hand feel.” Good news for hands — and the rest of your body.

See the Sunnylife Round Fouta Towel

Weehoo WeeGo Buggy Bicycle Trailer and Jogger: $120 (60% Off)

Weehoo WeeGo Buggy Bicycle Trailer and Jogger

I don’t have children, but I do have a cat. So, when I saw that this buggy was on sale, I immediately dreamt of sunset rides with my feline ride-or-die. And then I thought of all my kid-having friends and how stoked they’d be that this was 60 percent off because these things are spendy! Snag it while ya can for kids, cats, or whatever else can fit inside this little trailer.

See the Weehoo WeeGo Buggy Bicycle Trailer and Jogger

Wetfly Element SE Fly Rod — 4-Piece: $80 (60% Off)

Wetfly Element SE Fly Rod — 4-Piece

Hey! Did you know there’s public water all around ya? And it’s filled with fish? And you can buy a license and learn more about our underwater critters, entomology, and conservation just by learning how to toss a fly in the water? You can! And I love the price tag on this rod. It’s a great starting point for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with the water around us.

See the Wetfly Element SE Fly Rod — 4-Piece

SOG Backcountry Axe with Handle Saw: $69 (25% Off)

SOG Backcountry Axe with Handle Saw

Once you have a hatchet, you realize how much you really need it. And the added bonus of a saw just adds further credibility to this setup from SOG. If you do wild stuff in the backcountry, this little package deal could be a lifesaver. And it’s on sale! Wood beware.

See the SOG Backcountry Axe with Handle Saw

BioLite Solar Panel 5: $45 (25% Off)

BioLite Solar Panel 5

I have myself a little solar panel, and man, am I a fan. I always know that if SHTF, I’ve got a little bit of backup. And hey, if the grid truly breaks down, at least I’ll be able to power up my phone and dream of the days when it once worked. This 13-ounce setup is great for car camping or backcountry trips that require some help with charging batteries.

See the BioLite Solar Panel 5

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