Backpack With Wheel, Stacking Rocks, Tiny GoPro: GearJunkie Week In Review

Backpack With Wheel, Stacking Rocks, Tiny GoPro: GearJunkie Week In Review

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Recap: Top stories on GearJunkie, week of July 6 – 10, 2015.

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1) Party Barge: Picnic Table With Motor, Pontoons: You’ve heard of a Pedal Pub before, but how about a Paddle Pub?
2) Backpack With Wheel: MULE Hauls Heavy Loads Over Any Terrain: If you have to haul 100+ pounds over rough terrain, the outside-the-box design of the MULE ‘backpack’ just might work.
3) Meet The Smallest GoPro Ever: Half the size of the Hero4 Silver, the GoPro Hero4 Session packs a lot of power into a tiny, waterproof POV camera.
4) Speed Climber: Record Set On Colorado 14ers: Denver climber Andrew Hamilton has set a blisteringly fast record up Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks.
5) RinseKit: ‘Shower In A Box’: The RinseKit stores pressurized water to wash up away from home, no batteries needed.
6) Jetforce Avalanche Airbag Recalled By Black Diamond: There have been no accidents or injuries resulting from malfunctions. But a firmware update is needed.
7) Canvas & Leather: Day-Size Duluth Pack Deluxe #51: Handcrafted and made to last forever, the #51 Deluxe is likely the last canoe bag you’ll ever buy.
8) Climb With A Cause: 500 Hikers, 54 Colorado Peaks: The goal is to get 500 people on August 8th to collectively climb all of the state’s 14,000 -foot peaks.
9) 8,000 Calories: Reporter Pukes After Eating Tour De France Diet: A lowly reporter is no match for the daily diet of Tour De France rider.
10) Appalachian Trail Record: Scott Jurek Cuts It Close: Just how tough is this trail? The legendary ultrarunner is struggling to match a record set by someone who hiked the whole thing.
11) Solution To The Worst Problem In Beer Pong: Keep those dirty balls out of the beer! Pong balls, that is.
12) Grand Canyon: Tackling The Rim-To-Rim-To-Rim. The iconic route is huge, dangerous and breathtakingly beautiful. These tips and trip report will help you succeed.
13) Volkswagen Unveils New ‘California’ Camper Van. Volkswagen announced a new camper van, and while it’s not what nostalgics hoped for, it might be more practical.
14) Recon Survival Tool: Combination Hatchet, Saw, Machete & Zombie-Killer
Dig a hole, cut wood, or fight off undead attackers.
15) Cabin In The Sky: Stay In Fire Lookout This Summer: The ‘retired’ fire lookouts across the American West have some of the best views on the planet, and you can spend the night. Here’s how.
16) Stop The Rock-Stacking: A writer calls for an end to the random piles of rocks — cairns — that serve no purpose and mark no trail.