Bosch Kiox

Bosch Kiox Onboard Computer for E-Bikers Who Actually Train on Them

Bosch is introducing the Kiox, a handlebar-mounted fitness tracker for those who use e-bikes to ride seriously.

The Bosch Kiox onboard computer mount recently won a Best New Product award at Eurobike. It puts a lot of specs — remaining battery life, speed, heart rate, performance, and more — at the rider’s fingertips.

It will be available for demo at next week’s annual Interbike industry conference. But consumers won’t see these bright, compact color display mounts on e-bikes until at least early next year. Look for them on Trek, Electra, Cannondale, Bulls Bikes, Riese & Müller, Cube, and Moustache brand bikes.

The new Kiox e-bike trainer works with a Bosch mount or with a custom rig right on the handlebar stem. The technology follows two previous releases from Bosch eBike Systems: the Purion and the Intuvia. You can see how all three stack up here.

Bosch Kiox

The Bosch Kiox’s high-resolution color display is just under 2 inches. A separate yet attached control unit puts performance data such as speed, cadence, and an optional heart rate monitor within fingers’ reach.

“With its ability to connect to the rider’s heart rate via wearable sensors, Kiox also marks our first step in North America connecting e-bikes to the e-biker’s digital world,” Claudia Wasko, vice president and general manager of Bosch eBike Systems Americas explained in a press release.

Basic smart features built into the Kiox mean e-bikers can monitor when they’re going above or below an average speed, which could be a motivator. While training with the Bluetooth-connected heart rate monitor, users can also monitor shifts in pulse to stay in the optimal training zone.

More Kiox Functionality to Come

Bosch has stated that more connectivity functions will follow the Kiox fitness tracker’s initial launch. But it’s all meant to make monitoring e-bike training — yes, you can do that — easier than ever.

An important highlight is Kiox’s adaptable display lighting. It adjusts so it’s readable in direct sunlight on a midday ride or an after-dark commute. Other key components include:

  • Central handlebar positioning for an ideal reading angle
  • Tough Gorilla Glass over the display
  • Magnetic holder for a secure grip yet easy removal of the onboard computer
  • 20 minutes of off-board power to review the day’s stats
  • Onboard “Remote Compact” unit for controlling computer
  • No-cable Bosch Kiox software updates available onboard

Bosch Kiox Upcoming Demo Schedule

Bosch Kiox

If you’re an ambitious e-biker and want to get your hands on the Kiox before it goes to market, check out this upcoming demo schedule.

Sept 15-16: The Boogaloo eMTB Race & Demo at the Northstar Free-Ride Festival; Northstar Lodge at Big Springs, Truckee, Calif.

Sept 16-17: Interbike’s OutDoor Demo; Northstar Village, Truckee, Calif.

Sept. 18-20: Interbike Expo’s “The Circuit ePowered by Bosch”; Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Reno, Nev.

Sept 22-23: The Mammoth Mountain Boogaloo eMTB Race & Demo with Kamikaze Bike Games; Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge, Mammoth Lakes, Calif.

While you can try the technology at these demos, the Bosch Kiox is so new that e-bike manufacturers won’t start implementing the mount until early 2019. Stay tuned.

Julie Kailus

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