Tough Mudder Chief Obstacle Tester

Wanted: Chief Obstacle Tester, Available Immediately

Dream job: Chief Obstacle Tester for Tough Mudder. Location: Atlanta or London. Contract length: 1 day.

Tough Mudder is looking for two fearless beta testers willing to drag its wildest new features through the mud. All candidates can apply online today. One winner in the U.S. and one in the U.K. will be tasked with tackling and reporting back on 10 Tough Mudder challenges. The job takes place in “secret” testing facilities in Atlanta and London.

Tough Mudder Chief Obstacle Tester

The job is all about in-the-field experimentation on both new and updated obstacle course racing (OCR) challenges. Tough Mudder, which runs OCR events throughout the U.S. and U.K., has become known for its innovative entanglements such as Electroshock Therapy, Arctic Enema, and Funky Monkey.

Chief Obstacle Tester: Job Requirements

Tough Mudder is considering creative candidates from all backgrounds. You don’t need traditional office skills or even a serious six-pack.

Just be fearless, the brand advises. Applicants should be thrill-seekers who can face fear like there’s no tomorrow. And they’re looking for people who like people — you know, the team-building type.

Tough Mudder Chief Obstacle Tester

Key requirements include a Jason Bourne-like attitude toward problem-solving and affinities for ice-cold baths, electric shocks, and getting dirty.

Testing challenges and obstacle concepts will take place at private course setups in Atlanta or London. The coveted Chief Obstacle Tester (COT) position will provide an ultimate sneak peek of new features headed to Tough Mudder courses in 2019.

Come prepared to work hard for your one day on the job. Then, you can sit back and compile feedback reports. Tough Mudder wants to hear about your experience and improvement ideas for each of the 10 obstacles in the beta test.

How to Apply for Tough Mudder’s COT

This is for real. The application window for the contract COT positions is open now through September 25. Online applications must include a 30-second video showcasing your fearlessness. Keep it focused.

Tough Mudder Chief Obstacle Tester

Top COT candidates will be shortlisted for Tough Mudder’s Obstacle Innovation Lab. That’s the engineering design and construction team that masterminded the OCR series’ infamous adventure challenges. Tough Mudder’s team of obstacle “mad scientists” will select the winners for the U.S. and U.K. positions.

The job is paid, but Tough Mudder doesn’t say how much you’ll earn in your one-day assignment. The U.K. contract takes place later this month, and the U.S. COT will test obstacles in late October.

Here’s the official job posting. It’s also on national job listing websites. Think you’ve got the guts for the Tough Mudder COT position? It can’t hurt to least apply online.

Julie Kailus

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