Ultimate Folding Blade? Meet Benchmade ‘Little Big Knife’

Big folding knives can cause all sorts of problems — legal ones and social ones. If you need something large it’s best to be discreet.


The 940 series was designed by stalwart Benchmade knife designer Warren Osborne. It is a medium/large size knife in terms of blade length, clocking in at almost 3.5 inches.

But the trick of the 940 series (and the reason why it is worthy of highlighting here) is because of how small it feels in the pocket.

940 series
The Benchmade 940 (back) and 940-1 models

Model Upgrades

Despite its ample blade length, the 940 series’ slender handle and expertly designed blade-to-handle ratio makes it carry like a much smaller knife.

The original 940 series knives had aluminum handles and the great Benchmade AXIS lock.

The aluminum handles are light, but the 940-1’s carbon fiber handle saves even more weight, resulting in a large-ish blade that carries like a Swiss Army Knife or even smaller.

benchmade folding knife

The upgrades don’t stop there. The normal 940s run S30V steel, an excellent all-around performer. But the 940-1 comes with S90V steel, a rare and high-price alloy.

The cutting difference is noticeable, which given the “base” steel is impressive.

The S90V blade retains an edge for what seems like decades. It’s hard to resharpen, so make sure you have a strop and use it regularly. If you do, the 940-1 will be a great knife for years to come.

  • Retail Price: $315
  • Steel: CPM S90V
  • Blade Length: 3.40 inches
  • Overall Length: 4.47 inches
  • Weight: 2.44 ounces
  • Product Page  /  Review  /   Buy Now ($267)

Only the pocket clip is ho-hum, but you can contact Benchmade and swap it out for an excellent deep carry, over-the-top design.

Made in the USA, the 940-1 is a pricey knife at $315 retail, but it is worth the cost if you’re a knife fanatic in need of a top-quality blade.

The weight, the size, and the steel are all about as good as you can get. If you are in the market for a medium to large folding knife take a look at the 940-1. It won’t let you down.

–Anthony Sculimbrene is a writer, knife junkie, and the founder of EverydayCommentary.com. He writes ‘Select Cuts’ as a weekly column focusing on a single knife and why you should consider buying it.