Benchmade Bugout S90V Titanium

Benchmade Launches Bugout Customs in Titanium, Carbon

The Benchmade Bugout is a very light and versatile pocket knife perfect for hiking and EDC. And now the brand will give customers a very deluxe option with both titanium and carbon fiber scales.

If you’re in the market for a high-end pocket knife for backpacking that works great for EDC use, the Benchmade Bugout should be high on your list. Weighing in around 1.85 ounces (varying slightly depending on specific builds), it’s extremely light in the pocket.

But it’s still a little workhorse thanks to exceptional CPM-S30V steel shaped into a versatile drop-point blade.

Benchmade Bugout Damasteel Titanium

We’ve used and loved the Bugout for a couple of years as a medium-duty blade for the backcountry. And today, it’s getting some new options that will make knife lovers drool — titanium, carbon fiber, damasteel, and S90V.

New Bugout Custom Options

These new options add premium offerings to the brand’s customizer tool. And yes, they carry hefty price tags, with some bugout builds now ringing in as high as $525.

But for those who know what they’re getting, they may be worth the investment.

Benchmade Bugout S90V Carbon Fiber

On a particular note to knife enthusiasts, the S90V steel is exceptional. Considered a “super steel” by many, it’s a worthy upgrade if you expect to use the knife for long periods of time without resharpening.

On the downside, it’s nearly impossible to resharpen at home, so you do need to plan to send it to the company when it needs to be honed.

The other options — titanium and carbon fiber scales, and damasteel blades — give some unique aesthetic characteristics in the deluxe knife world. For those looking for a one-of-a-kind Benchmade, these should fit the bill, although with a hefty price.

Check out the Benchmade customizer tool and explore some of these new options here.

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