Iconic Buck ‘110’ Now Auto-Opening

The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is an iconic knife. Brass and wood have set it apart since its launch by Al Buck in 1964. Today, it gets a modern upgrade as an auto-opening knife.

Buck 110 AUTO

There’s a good chance Grandpa’s knife was a Buck 110 Folding Hunter. This icon of American cutlery has withstood the test of time thanks in part to exceptionally hardened steel and its breakthrough (for its time) locking system.

But it’s the beautiful wood handle with brass bolsters that define this classic USA-made knife. It’s been used for countless forays into the wild, and proven its worth time and again.

Buck 110 AUTO

So is an auto-opening model really needed? For some, the limitation of the 110 Folding Hunter is it requires two hands to open. The 110 AUTO addresses this issue.

New for 2017 and introduced at the SHOT Show last week, the knife resembles the original 110 Folding Hunter with the classic design and brass bolster. But the AUTO model’s 3.75″ HC420 blade snaps open with the push of a button, a major departure from the old faithful.

It’s worth noting that many individuals and companies have modified the 110 into jerry-rigged automatics in the past. However, this is the first done by the company.

The Auto utilizes the lockback style to keep the blade open for safe use and is packed in a leather sheath. Made in the USA, it sells for $200, significantly more than the standard model’s $92 MSRP.

Buck 110 auto-open knife

Don’t like auto knives? Buck will continue to make the 110 Folding Hunter too, same as always.

“The 110 was a landmark in the success of Buck Knives,” said CJ Buck, CEO and Chairman of Buck Knives. “We are excited to reinvigorate the 110’s loyal following with this modern classic. The response we are already receiving from it has been overwhelming.”

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