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Multi-Tool Survival Knife

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If you ever looked at your survival knife and said “there aren’t enough tools,” or your multi-tool and said “the blade isn’t big enough,” we may have found your answer.

kniper knife tree-1

The Kniper is a 22-in-1 multitool knife that includes a saw, fork, pry bar, wrench, bottle opener, and, get this, a pipe for smoking 100% legal “tobacco” products (see below).


Made from a solid piece of 420 HC stainless steel, this thing will resist staining and corrosion well. While 420 HC only holds an edge OK, it is easy to sharpen.

With an overall length of 13 inches, and at 2.5 inches wide, this thing is part broadsword.

The company also advertises the blade’s ability to be used as a throwing knife and lashed to a stick as a spear point, which is a horrible idea and something you should never do. Sharpen the stick and don’t lose your knife! Duh.

kniper knife spear

Despite the fact that most of the tools on here are overkill, we still can’t help but feel this “survival knife” is pretty cool, even with the obnoxiously loud coloring. You’re sure to pull in some looks at the campsite when you bust this bad boy out.

The Pipe

Perhaps the strangest feature we’ve ever seen on a knife, there is a smoking pipe built into this blade. The pipe is machined through the middle of the knife with the tobacco bowl in the center mast of the blade. Pack the bowl, light it up, and inhale through the pipe opening near the handle.

Built-in pipe. New to us!
Built-in pipe. New to us!

The company is currently taking pre-orders for the tool. $145 gets you the knife and a nylon sheath.

Find a full list of included “tools” on the next page. 

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