No Batteries: Light Harvests Power From Runner's Stride

No Batteries: Light Harvests Power From Runner’s Stride

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Shorter fall and winter daylight hours find road runners logging miles on darkened streets side by side with cars.

Million Mile Light

A new light that never needs batteries enhances the visibility of runners, flashing with every step.

Million Mile Light 3

The gum-pack-size Million Mile Light gets its power internally from a tiny, silent generator that captures a little bit of energy from your motion while running or walking. It blinks with each step you take, alerting motorists of your presence.

Electricity to power two LEDs comes from a kinetic generator housed inside the light.

This kind of motion-based energy harvesting isn’t new, having been applied to watches and other devices for years. Applying it to a running light seems logical and effective.

The Million Mile Light is raising funds on Kickstarter now, where you can get your hands on one for about $24, including a waist band to carry the light.

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