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Top 10 Adventuremobiles From Overland Expo 2018

Jeeps, Land Cruisers, Unimogs! Overland Expo is jam-packed with wicked tricked-out trucks. These are our expert’s 10 favorites.

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Besides the awesome gear and people, Overland Expo is all about impressive vehicles. You’ll see Subarus, Unimogs, and everything in between. Our resident overlander, Bryon Dorr, dug through campgrounds, vendor areas, and nooks and crannies to bring you this list of impressive and diverse overland vehicles.

Sack Wear 80 Series Land Cruiser

By far, the vehicle that stole the show was the Sack Wear edition Maltec 80 Series Land Cruiser. This adventuremobile sports a turbo-diesel with manual transmission and a fully carbon fiber pop-top camper on the back. The level of refinement, luxury, and attention to detail in this build is second to none.


Awesome doesn’t come cheap. This ultimate overland Land Cruiser will set you back $165,000. While that is a big price tag, it is actually a massive value for your money if you know the market.

American Expedition Vehicles Jeep JKU Outpost II

The AEV Jeep camper, known as the Outpost II, debuted at SEMA last year. The interior wasn’t finished at the time, but it has since been completed. This is AEV CEO Dave Harriton’s personal overland build project. There aren’t many places you couldn’t take this lifted Hemi-powered Jeep!

New Legend 4x4 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

What’s not to like? This Jeep Grand Wagoneer looks showroom new and sports a host of upgrades under that classic 4×4 body. The top of that list is a 5.3L V8 LS motor, backed with a 4L60e transmission. With 300 hp on tap, this New Legend 4×4 restomod isn’t going to drive like your grandpa’s old Jeep!

Couch Off-Road with Bliss-Mobil Unimog

It’s big, luxurious, and absolutely awesome! There are few if any overland vehicles that are as comfortable, capable, and ready for adventure as a Couch Off-Road Engineering Unimog mated with a Bliss-Mobil camper. This vehicle can take you wherever your imagination can go – as long as its massive size fits.

Classic Sportsmobile Econoline

Sportsmobile has been making custom overland camper vans on a wide variety of platforms since 1961. This early Econoline example is pristine in every way. The van life is strong with this one, especially with the vintage moto on the front.

Proffitt’s 79 Series Land Cruiser Pickup

Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers does some of the finest Land Cruiser restorations and builds out there. This 79 Series Pickup isn’t something you could normally buy in North America. With a 1993 FZJ80 chassis and a Cummins 2.8L turbo-diesel crate motor under the hood, it’s fully road legal in the U.S.


This Land Cruiser truck build has locking differentials at both ends, custom suspension, and a massive 60-gallon fuel tank. With that little diesel motor and big fuel capacity, you should be able to go way off the beaten path in this custom overland-outfitted Land Cruiser.

FJ40 Cummins Turbo Diesel

This well-appointed little overland vehicle sports a Cummins diesel under the hood. Cummins diesel conversions and FJ40 Land Cruisers are super hot right now. And rightfully so, as they are both reliable and capable.

Total Composites Sprinter

Total Composites imports custom composite panels into North America. These panels can be cut, configured, and built into a wide range of overland campers. The brand’s latest vehicle is this impressively appointed four-door diesel Mercedes Sprinter 311 4×4 DOKA.

Adventure Driven LMTV Brutus

Adventure Driven’s “Brutus” overland build is based on a M1079 LMTV ex-military truck, with a communications box on the back. The LMTV market has gotten hot lately, as base vehicles are relatively inexpensive. The flipside of that coin is that everything on them is bigger, heavier, and expensive to fix and upgrade.


The owners went over the Brutus with a fine-tooth comb. It now sports high-speed axles, custom Scheel-Mann seats, tons of KC off-road lighting, a custom cab cage, and so much more. The back is finished with custom cabinetry from Goose Gear. The camper is fully powered up with Battle Born lithium batteries and tons of solar panels on the roof.

Land Rover Defender 6x6 Ambulance

This Land Rover 6×6 started life as an ambulance in Australia. Only a small number of these custom vehicles were produced by Land Rover, mostly for military and civilian services companies. It now sports a basic sleeping and living setup inside and is generally ready for adventure.

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