2023 Ford Maverick Tremor

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor Gets Lift, Twin-Clutch AWD, & More Off-Road Goodies

The littlest Ford truck doesn’t get left out of the off-road upgrade trim package game.

Ford has already shaken up the Super Duty, F-150, and Ranger pickup lineups with its Tremor off-road package. Now it’s Ford’s smallest truck’s turn.

For 2023, the Ford Maverick Tremor gets a new suspension and a new all-wheel drive system to help make it more capable off-road. Sadly these off-road upgrades are at the expense of towing and payload capacity.

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor

Extra off-road capability is all the rage right now. Ford is happy to meet that demand. Just look at the F-150 pickup and its choices from mild to wild including FX4, Tremor, Raptor, and Raptor R.

The compact Maverick pickup already offers an FX4 off-road package to add hill descent control, additional skid plates, mud and sand drive modes, and all-terrain tires. Plus, it’s got off-road suspension tuning intended to let the pickup handle rough roads and trails with more comfort and poise.

Little Truck, Big Capability

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor

Tremor upgrades that capability for 2023. The package starts with the 2.0L EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive. Because the hybrid powertrain is front-drive only, it’s left out of this one.

New springs and shocks at all four corners give the truck improved off-road capability, Ford says. The combination lifts the truck, too, by a full inch. That means more clearance when you’re running down rutted roads and tracks. Instead of clearance, Ford highlights that it gives the truck “a more assertive stance.”

Don’t let that cosmetic focus fool you, though, Maverick Tremor has another serious upgrade. Ford gave the Maverick Tremor a new all-wheel-drive system that uses a twin-clutch rear differential.

The new AWD system lets the Maverick’s computer send nearly all torque to either rear wheel, giving the one with traction more of the engine’s grunt. The system has a differential lock, too, making sure both back tires are turning to get you unstuck or over tough obstacles.

Upgraded half-shafts make sure the driveline is up to the task of off-roading. A new heavy-duty oil cooler for the transmission keeps that fluid cool, especially if you’re crawling along at low speeds and high loads.

Maverick Tremor’s upgrades sound a lot like the AWD system and suspension used in the Ford Bronco Sport Badlands. The two models share a platform, so sharing the good stuff between the two was probably an easy decision for Ford.

Trail Control Joins Maverick Features List

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor

Trail Control is another upgrade over FX4. This system works like off-road cruise control, able to modulate the gas and brakes to maintain a set (and low) speed through rough conditions, and both up and down hills. Five drive modes include mud and sand settings, along with the usual on-pavement options.

Finishing up the mechanical changes are new steel skid plates underneath to protect the truck’s sensitive bits, and a new front fascia that Ford says improves the truck’s approach angle. And 17-inch wheels with a gray finish and Tremor orange pockets wear all-terrain tires, and there are orange tow hooks.

With the Tremor off-road package, the Maverick has a max payload of 1,200 pounds. That’s 300 pounds less than the FX4 or any other version of the truck. While the payload cut might not be a deal-breaker, another missing feature might be the 4K tow package that isn’t offered, so Tremor buyers are limited to 2,000 pounds of trailer. Burt Gummer would not approve.

Tremor Means Orange

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor

Cosmetic upgrades start with the black seats. They get Tremor Orange stitched logos and trim just like the truck’s bigger siblings. Ford has loaded up the cabin with orange stitching on the center console and other surfaces.

Black-out badges and grille — with more orange trim — and Tremor bedside badging help complete the look. But, if it’s not enough, Ford is offering more. A Tremor Appearance Package adds gray paint on the roof and mirrors, as well as black graphics on the hood and doors, though Ford didn’t show any photos of that $1,495 extra.

Ford received so many orders for the 2022 Maverick that they had to close the books early. They’ve reopened to let buyers put their names and deposits down for a 2023 model year version of the truck. If you want a Tremor, though, it won’t be on the order sheets until September. If you’re willing to wait, the package will add $2,995 to an XLT or Lariat trim truck.

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