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5 Little Known WD-40 Products Worth Having Around the House

WD-40 isn't just for silencing squeaks and preventing rust. Did you know this toolkit must-have has applications around your home, too?

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Probably every household has a yellow and blue can of WD-40. This well-known multiuse product solves so many issues that it is nearly synonymous with the brand. In fact, you might not even know that WD-40 puts out a variety of other lubricants and products that also deserve a place on your garage shelf.

A Little WD-40 History

WD-40 was originally developed by a company helping the aerospace industry create the Atlas rocket. The engineers needed a chemical to prevent rust and corrosion during the rocket manufacturing process. As it turns out, the 40th version of the water displacement formula was perfect — hence the name WD-40.

One day, when management noticed that some employees were taking home small vials of the formula for personal use, they realized they had something that wasn’t just for rocket science.

In 1958, the brand produced an aerosol version in San Diego to sell to the public, and the business took off like, well, a rocket!

WD-40’s Specialist Line

WD-40-EZ REACH in use

In 1969, the multipurpose product sat alone in the lineup. However, the company put its knowledge and expertise to use and, over the years, developed new products, including the Specialist Line for the trade pros.

In 2020, it repackaged the WD-40 Specialist lineup with the iconic blue and yellow cans with the red cap.

WD-40 Specialist Brand Manager Stepan Harmanlikian noted that the Specialist Line is “an under-appreciated WD-40 brand offering since some professionals are unaware of the product line.”

The Specialist Line has several offerings that the home garage mechanic or automotive hobbyist can certainly appreciate and use.

Specialist Penetrant

Specialist Contact Cleaner

Specialist Silicone

Specialist Corrosion Inhibitor

Gel lube

Specialist Gel Lube

Cover Your Bases With These WD-40 Products — And More

The WD-40 lineup includes over 35 items, including different sizes of its products. You can even purchase a massive 55-gallon drum of its cleaner and degreaser.

Interestingly, it has over 2,000 official uses, according to the company. Our guess is WD-40 is not done yet and will have even more new useful products for consumers and professionals alike in the years to come.

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