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Fresh CAKE: Makka Modular E-Scooter Carries Skis, Boards, and Bikes

cake makka electric scooter
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CAKE is looking high and low to find the next big thing in electric scooters. Its idea? Mega modularity.

CAKE wants the Makka to be the future of urban transportation. And it’s making a strong case with its trim profile, plenty of add-ons for toting gear, and the sustainability of an electric platform.

In a nod to urban convenience, the Stockholm manufacturer trims down its previous Osa (utility) and Kalk (performance) models to produce the Makka, which weighs a manageable 132 pounds. But its most unique capability is its modularity.

With various mounts, racks, and accessories, there’s a place for all your gear — up to and including your surfboard or bicycle. 

cake makka e-scooter

CAKE Makka E-Scooter Capability

The Makka starts with a trimmed-down frame designed to attract a broad spectrum of users and maximize urban mobility. Stefan Ytterborn, CAKE CEO and founder, explains it like this:

“With cities and urban mobility changing faster than expected with cleaner and more efficient solutions, we have been eager to share the Makka: An urban short-haul vessel, compact in size and price, reaching a wide audience in the process of deciding what their future means of transportation will be.”

cake makka e-scooter

That’s why CAKE cut the Makka’s weight down from its predecessors — the Osa weighs 159 pounds to the Makka’s 132. The weight reduction resulted in decreased power.

The Osa can hold its own at 56 mph, but you’ll want to keep the Makka Flex and its 28mph top speed off competitive streets. The range-optimized version, aptly called the “Range,” putters along at 15 mph max.

Only the CAKE Makka Flex will be available in the United States. The Makka Range’s low speeds might work for some European riders or those in super dense urban environments. But it’s hard to imagine doing much with a vehicle that can’t go faster than the average person can pedal a bike.

Still, the Makka can make it from A to B: The Flex’s range is 30 miles, and the Range can make it 35 miles max. Charge time is not yet specified.

Makka Mods

With its somewhat humble performance, the Makka’s adaptability is its clear strength. You might not want to load it down too heavily, but you can equip it to carry a broad range of gear.

cake makka e-scooter

Thanks to its suite of attachments and racks, the CAKE Makka can pack on toys like fishing rods, surfboards, skis, and even bicycles. You can also bring a friend by attaching the optional passenger seat, which only sort of looks like an infant seat for a bicycle.

cake makka e-scooter

Just sayin’.

CAKE Makka Availability and Pricing

The CAKE Makka does break new affordability ground for CAKE. Its other scooters push $10,000, but the Makka clocks in under $4,000. MSRP $3,800 for the Flex and $3,500 for the Range. They come in gray or white.

Check out the whole line at CAKE’s website.

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