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Honda Teases 10 Electric Motorcycles Coming in Next 2 Years

Honda 3 Model Silhouettes(Photo/Honda)
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Honda hopes to sell 3.5 million electric motorcycles annually by 2030. To help achieve this, the company plans to produce 10 new e-models for sale worldwide.

Honda has many goals to achieve in the next 2+ decades. The company hopes to begin by selling one million electric motorcycles annually by 2026, shooting for 3.5 million per year by 2030. By 2050, Honda wants to be carbon neutral — and to introduce 10 new electric motorcycle models.

Now, before you get too excited, this will not happen overnight. As always, the American models will come later than in other world markets. But at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Honda’s Electric Motorcycle Categories

In the past, Honda spearheaded lower-emission initiatives with original technologies like ultra-low fuel consumption engines. These appeared in models like the Super Cub.

But that won’t get the company where it needs to be to reach carbon neutrality, so it’s gone to electric products. The company also plans to continue making gas-powered motorcycles while improving CO2 emissions across the product line.

Honda infographic showing 10 models

There will be three model categories: electric bikes (EB), electric mopeds (EM), and electric “vehicles” (EV) — think traditional motorcycles. Honda calls these its “FUN” models.

So far, we have little information on the specs for the categories. However, Honda’s site shows an infographic recording top speeds.

Honda electric motorcycle categories infographic showing top speeds

Globally, we should see the moped and bike models coming by 2025. There’s even a kids’ model.

Honda 10 electric models

Honda Standardized Battery Swapping

The idea of battery swapping got us excited. Honda recognizes that consumers will be most interested in range, charging time, and price.

Could your next motorcycle come with an electric plug? What if range issues were a thing of the past due to standardized, swappable batteries? Could you pull up to a pod and just swap batteries, and then continue on your way? The answer to all of this is … perhaps.

In 2021, Honda joined fellow Japanese motorcycle manufacturers Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha in a consortium to develop battery-swapping standards for motorcycles. This could be huge — interchangeable battery locations where you could simply drop off your dead battery and pick up a fresh one, almost like we currently swap out propane tanks for our BBQ grills.

Honda solid state batteries

These Japanese manufacturers make up 50% of motorcycle sales worldwide, so they are more likely to make these big shifts in the industry than, say, a small electric motorcycle company like Zero.

Honda’s New Electric Motorcycles, Coming Soon-ish

Will Honda have a full-sized motorbike available on U.S. soil for purchase before climate change makes irreversible changes to our planet? Not likely. Will Honda have said bikes available before the heat death of the universe? Probably.


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