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Land Energy E-Motorcycles: Impressive Price, Swappable Battery Tech, Name-Brand Components

Land Energy District riders on paved road(Photo/Land Energy)
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Land Energy gives us two e-moto options: the District Street and the District Scrambler. Portable battery packs, big-name parts, and impressive styling have us wanting to throw a leg over one.

Land Energy is a new electric motorcycle company based out of Cleveland. It has hit the streets running with not one but two street-legal e-motorcycles promising decent on- and off-road performance and a long range.

What makes the bikes so unique is a connected battery system. This allows riders to carry mobile power and charge nearly anywhere. There’s even a battery tracker if you lose sight of yours or it gets stolen — the battery pack or the bike.

Land Energy District Street Overview

Land Energy District
(Photo/Land Energy)

The Land Energy District Street is the company’s first e-motorcycle, and it’s on sale now. Land Energy has already put 40 bikes on the road since deliveries started in March.

The little e-motorcycles offer a very light frame and minimal bodywork, but it does have everything you need to get on the road.

Fox Suspension & Other Big-Name Suppliers

These e-bikes come with a 3,000-lumen headlight, fenders for the Pirelli Angel street tires, turn signals, and mirrors.

Land Energy uses brakes from German supplier Magura, known for its on- and off-road braking systems built for companies like BMW, Triumph, KTM, and Piaggio.

Rear suspension is from Fox. The Fox Float system has adjustable compression and rebound, and it’s tuned for “an enthused street adventure,” Land said.

The e-bike has a digital dash with ride mode, speed, charge, and an odometer. It also comes with an adjustable seat that can go from 29 to 32 inches to help fit more riders.

23-Horsepower Electric Motor

As for the electrical components, the standard District Street has a 23-horsepower motor mounted between the frame rails. In e-motorcycle and Sport e-motorcycle drive modes, that’s enough for a top speed of 70 mph.

Land Energy District
(Photo/Land Energy)

Combine it with the basic 1.8kWh battery pack and you can expect an electric range of up to 40 miles.

Two bigger battery options are available. The first doubles up with another 1.8kWh pack, adding around 20 pounds of weight. But that should give riders up to an 80-mile range.

A larger 5.5kWh pack brings the total bike weight up to 230 pounds — before adding the rider — but gives a range of up to 120 miles.

E-Bike & Moped Drive Modes

The District Street gives you more than just the two e-motorcycle drive modes. It also has an e-bike mode that limits power to 750 W and the top speed to 20 mph. Plus, an e-moped mode limits it to 3 kW of power and 30 mph. This may let you use the e-moto as a bike or moped in your region — but check your local rules first.

The company said that the District models were designed to be approachable and usable for new riders, as well as up to the demands of more experienced riders. The different drive modes are part of that, letting those new to two wheels ease into their full abilities.

Land Energy District Scrambler Overview

Land Energy District
(Photo/Land Energy)

Land Energy’s other two-wheeled machine is the District Scrambler. This one is a dual-sport model for road and trail riding.

With that split focus in mind, it’s offered as a more basic off-road version without a headlight and signals or as a DOT-legal version with those parts.

Either way, you get dual-sport fenders, a 33-inch seat height, and DOT-certified dual-sport tires. Gearing offers a lower top speed but more torque for trail climbing.

Land Energy District
(Photo/Land Energy)

Big Plans for Battery Platform

Land Energy District
(Photo/Land Energy)

Land Energy calls the Core battery a portable power platform because of its energy and analytics capabilities. It has USB-A and USB-C ports to let you charge your devices on the go. You can take the portable battery pack into the office or off to the campsite as well. The smallest pack has enough juice to charge your iPhone for about a year.

Owners can charge the battery using a wall outlet, and it can be powered by a solar panel. Core is capable of providing energy to the grid during peak hours, then charging during low-demand times when the grid allows.

Land Energy said it’s offering up the Core platform for other electric vehicle companies, noting the battery and analytics platform is designed to be plug-and-play for other OEMs.

The brand is also developing a software platform to let users tailor the data collection to their specific needs. One pack you can drop in multiple devices — that’s an interesting idea.

Removable batteries make charging easier. They also let you upgrade the bike when more power-dense tech evolves and becomes available.

Land Energy E-Bikes Pricing & Availability

Land Energy District
(Photo/Land Energy)

A District Street starts from $8,200. It’s available in black, green, or gray. An order placed now should get you delivery in a couple of months. The 3.6kWh double-pack adds $2,000 to the price, and the 5kWh big pack is $4,200.

The District Scrambler starts from $7,800, and Land Energy offers the same battery options. A range of accessory bags is also available, with more accessories expected to come soon.

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