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Bike for Life, the book

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My good SoCal buddy and fellow fitness/outdoors writer Roy Wallack claims he is the second fittest man in the world. (See this video—https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NR7wO8s7q4I—for his story on how he justifies this title.) I can attest to his Energizer-Bunny-ness, as we raced together for nine days straight in Utah last summer, and I saw him bonk only once. Indeed, he pretty much kicked my butt every day, and he always did it with a smile on his face.

And here’s the kicker: Roy is 50 years old.

In his book, “Bike for Life: How to Ride to 100” (Avalon Press, $16.95), Wallack lays out a premise that says cycling—with its combination of fun, ease of use, travel, social interaction, joint-gentleness, and physical challenge—is the ideal sport for longevity.

Indeed, Bike for Life is a blueprint for using cycling to help you roll into triple digits (miles and age) on a bike instead of a wheelchair.

Now I’m just a young chick at 30 years of age. But for me this book was still relevant and interesting, not to mention hilarious, informative and even juicy at times.

Bike for Life starts with a strong case for cross-training, interval training, strength training, and periodization. Then it introduces cycling-specific yoga and cycling-specific posture exercises to nullify the slumping caused by both cycling and sitting at a desk; it advocates explosive power training (rapid-contraction strength movements designed to spur human growth hormone production and rebuild the fast-twitch muscle fibers) to restore the quick reactions that can save your life; it even has a “foolproof” 5-to-1 ratio that can re-heat a bike-battered love life. . . .

The book mixes the cutting-edge research with profiles of average riders doing great things and long-form interviews with old-but-fit cycling celebrities like mountain bike icon Ned Overend, offroad pioneer Gary Fisher, and three-time Olympian and Ironman winner John Howard.

It’s only $12 on Amazon—http://www.amazon.com/Bike-Life-How-Ride-100/dp/1569244510

The first chapter alone is worth twice as much.

Wallack’s knowledge and unfettered enthusiasm for biking and for life is contagious. To catch some of what he’s got, start with this book right HERE.

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