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Lead Wild Adventures and Get Paid for It as BRP’s ‘Chief of Adventure’

If you’re qualified to lead adventures and are hungry for more of them, Uncharted Society wants you to be the BRP Chief of Adventure.

If you’re reading GearJunkie, you probably undertake plenty of your own outdoor excursions. But, do you have what it takes to guide clients on once-in-a-lifetime outings?

BRP, a prominent Canadian outdoor transportation developer, is currently recruiting a Chief of Adventure to do just that. The chosen candidate will lead clients for the brand’s Uncharted Society on “expertly curated experiences in outdoor playgrounds” across the United States.

They’ll use a variety of BRP’s Can-Ams and other powersports vehicles to get the job done. Locations include Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Joshua Tree National Park.

Threshold of entry? A valid driver’s license. Compensation? $50K. If you don’t want this job, you’re crazier than the work promises to be.

can ams in moab
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Rad Life as Full-Time Employment: Job Details

What, exactly, are these “expertly curated experiences”? In fact, it would appear the BRP Chief of Adventure is on the hook to be the expert. The first listed job responsibility is to “develop and execute epic six-month road trip.”

Srsly? Yes, seriously. You’ll help hammer out and carry out the itinerary, and BRP will supply the livery.

Speaking of livery: Along with adventure guiding, the job also entails adventure vehicles. Sea-Doos, Ski-Doos, and Can-Ams are all on the list.

BRP mentions more off-road vehicles, etc., but doesn’t specify. And no worries if you’re not already a backroad ripper — the company only requires that you’re “capable.” 

BRP Chief of Adventure: Sea-Doo
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Capability: Chief of Adventure Ideal Skills and Qualifications

OK, so you don’t just need a valid DL to snare the BRP Chief of Adventure job. Beyond the obvious requirement of unkillable adventure psych, Uncharted Society wants a candidate who knows how to create media and ideally interacts with an existing personal audience.

Got social media? You’ll need it. Uncharted Society recommends experience with each major platform.

You’ll also need access to the AP stylebook (not hard to get) and at least some capacity for copy editing (not that hard to do — but don’t tell my editors I said so). 

The BRP Chief of Adventure position requires a 6-month minimum commitment, during which the posting (somewhat amusingly) says you will “travel 100% of the time.” Uncharted Society emphasizes this point, and it goes on to specify the location as “fully remote.” Though you won’t necessarily be at home, you do get an RV for your R&R.

And if that weren’t enough, you can bring your special lady/guy/ individual friend along as a +1. They won’t get paid, but if living the rad life was about getting rich, we’d all be millionaires.

Sign Me Up: How to Apply

First, read the full BRP Chief of Adventure job posting. It’s an old-school application process: submit your resume and cover letter to the email address listed in the posting. The app deadline is July 21, 2021.

What are you waiting for? Actually, what am I waiting for?

BRP Chief of Adventure: Can Am
(Photo/Sean McCoy)
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