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Meet the Cyrusher Ripple: An Electric-Powered Snowboard We’re Still Not Sure We Need

If you've dreamed of traveling at moderate speeds on flat snow, then the Cyrusher Ripple electric snowboard was likely made with you in mind.

electric snowboard cyrusher rippleSay hello to the Cyrusher Ripple, an electric snowboard that speeds up to 31 mph on flat terrain; (photo/Cyrusher)
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Do you like snowboarding, but wish that it was slower, flatter, and required less effort? Then the Cyrusher Ripple, one of the world’s first mass-produced electric snowboards, might just fit the bill.

This improbable invention is the latest motorized device from Cyrusher, a Utah-based company mostly known for its variety of e-bikes. Cyrusher has embraced the popularity of putting a motor on just about anything, venturing into the water with an electric surfboard. Now, it’s trying out snow-based transportation.

It’s unclear who, exactly, this electric snowboard is meant to please. Most resorts like Vail and Aspen do not allow motorized anything on their slopes. The Ripple doesn’t seem to have enough power for steep hills (a staple selling point for e-bikes), either. On top of all of that, it also requires users to carry a medium-size battery in their backpack while “shredding.”

Perhaps it packs more of a wallop than the specs or the company’s YouTube introduction suggest. But since debuting a few weeks ago, many questions linger about the board’s effectiveness, and where it could actually be used.

“Will these even be allowed on most ski slopes? My guess would be probably not,” Jeffrey Clos wrote in a Medium review. “You may have to stick to the backtrails with this particular beauty.”

Cyrusher Ripple Electric Snowboard: Features

The Ripple weighs 33 pounds, and the company recommends carrying it as shown above; (photo/Cyrusher)

According to company specs, the Ripple comes with a 3,000W motor, offering speeds up to 31 mph. It can supposedly handle gentle inclines of 20 degrees or less. So it’s not powerful enough to access truly steep and deep backcountry terrain. This board is better suited for cross-country trails and gentle tours.

It is also wicked heavy. The board alone weighs 33 pounds (most normal snowboards weigh 5-9 pounds). GearJunkie reached out to Cyrusher to find out how much the battery weighs, and whether that is included in the listed weight, but we didn’t hear back from the brand by the time we published this article.

Regardless, it’s probably safe to call the Ripple one of the heaviest commercial snowboards on the market. That’s likely part of the reason Cyrusher emphasizes the “joy of boarding on flat snowfields” in the video above.

The Ripple comes with an adjustable suspension system to accommodate different rider weights and terrain; (photo/Cyrusher)

The board also comes with an adjustable suspension system for absorbing vibration, and it’s customizable for the rider’s weight or varied terrain. Power comes from a portable lithium-ion battery pack tethered to a backpack. The estimated travel range is 9.3 to 12.4 miles, with a recharge time of a few hours. The battery can also double as a charger for electronic devices.

A potential selling point lies in the comparison with snowmobiles, which often burn gas and make a lot of noise. The Ripple is meant to be a quieter, more eco-friendly option — albeit with a much smaller range, and far more limited power.

Cyrusher Ripple: Pricing & Availability

The bindings cost about $300 extra, but the whole setup (board, battery, and bindings) is currently on sale; (photo/Cyrusher)

The Cyrusher Ripple electric snowboard and battery are available for $2,500. If you want the bindings included, it’s $2,900. But if you make your purchase before Wednesday, December 20, the brand is offering the Ripple board for a $300 discount.

It’s hard to imagine electric snowboards reaching anything like the popularity of e-bikes — especially when their accessible terrain is so limited. But this is the first iteration. If Cyrusher continues refining its design, the board could get lighter, the battery could get smaller, and the capability of the Ripple could improve to handle more than gently sloped hills.

Visit the Cyrusher website to learn more about the Ripple, or to check out its other electrically powered products.

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