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Garmin Goes Dark: Wearables, Servers Struck by Mysterious Outage

The outage has left Garmin’s fitness devices disconnected — and users frustrated — for more than a day.

Garmin, a leader in the fitness and navigation device market, experienced a sudden outage yesterday that left its wearables disconnected from its servers. The outage persists, and affects Garmin and Garmin Connect wearables and apps.

“We are currently experiencing an outage that affects Garmin Connect, and as a result, the Garmin Connect website and mobile app are down at this time,” Garmin posted on its social feeds yesterday. The brand also said the outage impacts its call centers. So Garmin can’t currently receive calls, emails, or online chats.

Usually, Garmin wearables are used by athletes to track crucial data like mileage, location, heart rate, and more. The outage knocked out location pinpoints and data syncing, although certain other features are still working as normal.

Multiple Garmin users reported getting maintenance alerts on their wearables and devices. As the outage wasn’t due to scheduled maintenance, users are left to wonder what caused the issue in the first place.

According to ZDNet, the incident occurred because of a possible ransomware attack, affecting all of Garmin’s systems. But Garmin hasn’t publicly confirmed any such attack.

“We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and apologize for this inconvenience,” Garmin updated its users. There is no timeline for when the outage should be resolved.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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