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Repair Kit, Briefcase Stove, Purify Water With Sun: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories on GearJunkie, week of August 14 – 21, 2015.

week in review

Power Cells: How To Choose A Flashlight Battery

Batteries are the power plant of any portable lighting system. This primer will help you choose the right battery for every light.

Columbia Sportswear Hiring ‘Directors Of Toughness’

This is a gear junkie dream job, a six-month contract that involves traveling the world and testing gear.

World’s Steepest 400-Meter Race Coming To U.S.

Race up a Park City ski jump this September for some pretty serious prizes.

Purify Water With Sunlight: SOL Hydration Reservoir

The same sunshine that causes a nasty case of sunburn can also be used to purify your water.

A ‘Fixie’ Will Make You A Better Biker

Want to improve your cycling skills and fitness? Hop on a fixed-gear bike. The benefits will surprise you.

Clip-On Lens Expands Phone’s Camera Utility

The Olloclip is an add-on lens that can be clipped on to your smartphone to give your camera a little extra oomph.

Lust-Worthy Teardrop Trailer Made In Portland

Fine woodwork and an aluminum skin come together in a sleek camper you can pull behind a small SUV or truck.

Sunglasses Made From Recycled Fishing Nets

These sunglasses help remove old nets — a significant source of ocean plastic pollution — from the sea.

‘Untamed’ Is Ode To Traditional Bowhunting

‘Untamed’ is a must-watch the explains why hunters return to the field year after year whether they fill their tags or not.

‘Down To Nothing’ Documents A Mountaineering ‘Epic’

The term ‘epic’ gets thrown around a lot, but this half-hour mountaineering documentary, Down To Nothing, is as epic as it gets.

Chop, Cut — Even Pry — With Tough ‘Utility Knife’

Yes, you can pry with this knife. We got in touch with the designer to find out how.

$5 Homemade Repair Kit To Fix Most Anything

Carry duct tape, dental floss and needles in one place with this kit you can make in less than five minutes.

Mazda3 Gets Dirty On 6,000 Mile (Off) Road Trip

The Mazda3 is certainly an ‘on-road’ car. That didn’t keep the GearJunkie crew from getting it stuck and unstuck on a 6,000 mile road trip.

Catching Air In A Kayak: High Speed In B.C.

British Columbia spillway provides water-riders some gravity-fueled thrills.

Torture Test: Dyneema Duffel Might Be Toughest Bag Yet

Super light and exceptionally strong, the Hyperlite Mounain Gear duffel is made from remarkable material but comes with a hefty price tag.

Haul Huge Loads: Mystery Ranch ‘Glacier’ Pack 2016

The burly construction of the Mystery Ranch ‘Glacier’ is made for heavy work and is tested hard in Montana for this review.

Animas River Spill ‘Caps 150 Years Of Pollution’

Interactive map shows the other threats to the Animas and San Juan Rivers.

Tested: Latest LED ‘Light Cannon’ For Biking At Night

A tiny, powerful light designed for broad use, from road cycling to trail running. Our tester gives it a first review.

Magnetic ‘Pins’ Hold Race Number, Don’t Harm Clothes

A new product aims to eliminate safety pins from the race-day ritual.

Custom Compromise: Mid-Tech ‘Razel’ Has Human Touch

Razor plus chisel equals this nearly-custom ‘Razel,’ a top-tier blade that’s hard to find but worth the hunt.

Camp-Ready ‘Briefcase’ Grill

The Elevate Grill is a luxury-end portable cooker, a $250 gas grill that melds ample cooking real estate with a packable design.

Field Test: Avex ‘Brew’ Stainless-Steel Pint Glass

In the world of pint glasses, all are not created equal. Here we test a stainless steel option from Avex.

Stoke-Inducing Hawaii Adventure Video

Cliff jumping, kayaking, surfing, snorkeling … this video will leave you craving a tropical adventure.

Screwdriver MINI: Key-Size Bit

The tool slips onto a keychain or carabiner and provides a driver head and a bottle opener.

Parawallet: ‘Survival’ In Your Back Pocket

Never leave home without knowing you have at least 50 feet of paracord in your pocket.

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