Goggles for Doctors

Ski Goggles for Docs: How to Donate Yours to Healthcare Workers

Doctors and nurses need more than masks for personal protection. Eye protection is critical to keep healthcare workers safe — and that’s where your used ski goggles come in.

“Used lenses are better than a COVID cough to the face.” That’s the simple reasoning behind Goggles for Docs, a grassroots effort to provide emergency personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers across the country.

The movement, launched at the end of March, helps funnel protective eyewear — in the form of ski goggles — to hospitals in need. Best of all, while big brands like Zeal, Smith Optics, Bell, and Giro have all pitched in, even you can take part. Here’s how.

Goggles for Docs: How to Donate Your Ski Goggles

It’s simple — head over to the Goggles for Docs donation page. Once there, you can select a state to send your new or used goggles to. It can be your home state or any other region in need. Goggles for Docs has a tracker that shows which states still need more donations.

In fact, the campaign has been live for only one week, and Goggles for Docs has already received nearly 18,000 pairs — but expects to need at least 1,600 more. And that number could grow.

Healthcare workers can also request goggles for their hospital and staff through the site.

What Kind of Goggles Can I Donate?

Goggles for Docs will take just about anything. As noted, even used or tinted goggles are better than nothing.

How to Ship or Drop Off Goggles

Because healthcare workers’ needs are immediate, overnight shipping is the best option. But you can also find drop-off locations near you.

Either way, remember to follow these guidelines to ensure you protect yourself and doctors from contamination. This means taking steps like washing hands before handling goggles, wiping down the goggles, and sealing them in a ziplock bag (among other measures).

Check the Goggles for Docs homepage for shipping locations in each state.

How Else Can I Help?

You can also volunteer to help coordinate the collection and distribution of goggles in your area. And you can register your business or location as a drop-off/collection spot — please review these guidelines first!

Businesses Donate to Goggles for Docs

Major goggle brands have also heeded the call. Bell and Giro collectively donated about 3,200 pairs to the cause this month. Zeal also donated to four hospitals in Colorado, and Smith also pitched in.

All brands have also helped share the Goggles for Docs mission through social channels in hopes of creating a groundswell of support.

And it appears to be working.

One healthcare worker said, “I am at MetroWest Medical Center working for the ED Physician group. We have begun to receive goggle donations. Thank you so very much to all those who are sending in goggles. We really appreciate the speed in which this is happening and for people’s generosity!”

What are you waiting for? Ski season may be canceled, but you can still put that gear to good use. Head over to Goggles for Docs now and donate what you can.

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