oru haven tt green
The Oru Haven TT tandem folding kayak, in green for the first time; (image/Oru)

Oru Drops Green Folding Kayaks in First Foray Beyond Black and White

Each time Oru launches its folding kayaks in a specialty color, explosive purchasing ensues. For the first time, it’s introducing boats in a color other than black or white.

Oru’s origami boats have made splashes every time they’ve landed (in the market) — especially in new colors.

First, the extruded polyurethane kayaks arrived in the material’s standard milky white. Then, in October 2021, Oru released them in black, and they sold out within hours. Another black boat launch followed in January, and Oru said it expected that run to last about a week.

Now for the first time, you can get the Oru Inlet, Beach LT, Bay ST, Coast XT, or Haven TT in forest green. The new color debuted today after Oru experienced “overwhelming success” with the previous Black Edition. And it’s the first time Oru has offered anything other than the Bay ST model in any color other than white.

oru bay st
The Bay ST

The brand credited the launch with new technology that lets it “infuse” color directly onto the boats’ corrugated plastic shells, it said.

Oru Kayaks: The Details

Oru kayaks’ 5mm double-wall extruded polyurethane structure folds down to about the size of a suitcase and doesn’t weigh a ton — the all-rounder of the bunch, the Bay ST, checks in at 26 pounds. The upshot is that anyone who lives upstairs or has little space can own and store a boat with less hassle.

oru bay st packed
The Bay ST, packed; (image/Oru)

The full Oru lineup includes everything from the 9-foot Lake, which it calls the lightest kayak on the market, to the two-seater Haven TT. The 16-foot rig lets you paddle out with your partner, friend, or four-legged companion and can float 500 pounds of weight on board.

oru inlet
The 9 ft. 8 in. Inlet; (image/Oru)

The new array of green kayaks are available on Oru’s website now.

MSRP for the lineup comes in at $50 more for each boat. A range-topping Haven TT in green would cost you $2,049 — an Inlet would cost $999 (excluding the $50 discount the site offers on the white variant).

oru lake kayak
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