Live Premiere: Freeskier Sammy Carlson Rips in Alaska in Quiksilver’s ‘YUP’

The multidiscipline rider’s newest film premieres right now on YouTube! Don’t miss it.

Quiksilver’s feature on the world-class Oregon skier, snowboarder, and surfer promises to deliver.

The story arc: World-class skiers land in Alaska for what’s supposed to be an epic trip. Then, Mother Nature wipes out their lines.

What will they do? Improvise, baby.

“We were forced to get creative and really look for the good snow which ended up making it twice as sweet once we ended up finding it,” Carlson said in the YouTube description.

“The highlight for me are the last two lines in the film. Both were steep and really blind. This trip amplified my desire to ride big lines. I’m excited to get back out there and continue to push myself in the mountains.”

If you’re at work, open a new tab and pop in your earbuds.

Runtime: 14 minutes

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