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SRM Unveils First-Ever Flat-Pedal Power Meter (Most Expensive, Too)

Before now, you could only measure your power output through your pedals if you clipped in. SRM offers up new flat pedals with power meters — at a premium.

SRM took a step forward for flat-pedal pushers recently, adding a power-measuring spindle to its new pedals. The new SRM X-Power pedals come in at a low weight and a high price.

The 205g (claimed) pedals cost a robust MSRP of $1,500 per pair. While they’re not the brand’s first foray into power-measuring pedals, they are the first to incorporate the power-measuring spindle in a non-clip-in model.

How It Works, Who It’s For

SRM’s previous X-Power entry was a clip-in, SPD-compatible pedal. The new flat version uses the same strain gauges to give riders the same information. And you can install just one, or one in each pedal, without special tools.

SRM claims the pedals measure wattage to +/-2% accuracy and should track your output for 30 hours on a single charge. The spindle contains and protects the power meter itself, which could be a significant advantage. If you trash the platform but not the power meter, you shouldn’t have to buy a whole new unit.

The X-Powers also use ANT+ and Bluetooth to communicate with almost any bike computer and smartphone.

srm power meter pedal

Enduro mountain bike riders should benefit from the new system, especially those seeking consistency on uphills. Downhill MTBers could benefit as well.

BMX racers might find the new tech’s most pronounced upside. In a sport that’s so much about the start and getting to the first turn, power is key. Before now, the only way for BMXers to measure power through pedals and remain clipless was to use stationary bicycles.

SRM offers the X-Power in an array of color options. The German brand assembles each X-Power pedal by hand. That, along with the low weight and possible cost savings thanks to interchangeability, may help justify the lofty price tag. Alternatively, you can opt for a single-leg setup for MSRP $1,200.

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