Too High: Stoned Hikers Need Rescue From England’s Tallest Peak

Cumbria Police in England responded to four hikers’ plea for help off the mountain because they were ‘incapable of walking.’

Too High: Stoned Hikers Need Rescue From England's Tallest Peak
Photo credit: Thorneh

How high is too high? For four Britons, about 3,209 feet and a bong-load. That’s because after summiting Scafell Pike, the highest peak in England, four men smoked weed and lost their ability to get back down.

At around 6:15 p.m. locally, Cumbria Police tweeted they received a distress call from the hikers.

Police coordinated with the Wasdale Mountain rescue volunteers to locate and assist the hikers two hours later. Rescuers safely brought the group down the mountain.

Social media responses were critical of the hikers, saying they should foot the bill for the rescue.

Next time, maybe bring less pot… or more munchies to wait it out. Our hats off to Wasdale Mountain volunteers for laying it on the line for these “dopes.”

Adam Ruggiero

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