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Office to Adventure: Suunto Adds Titanium to 9 Peak Sports Watch

Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black sports watch 1 (1)(Photo/Suunto)
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This week, the adventure watch specialist rounded out its high-performance 9 Peak series with a high-end variant for smooth transitions from the office to the outdoors.

Suunto has long sought to lead the sports watch pack with tech-heavy models that also prioritize weight and wearability. Now, its new 9 Peak Full Titanium Black edition targets more refined tastes.

And it marks one of the few times we’ve seen titanium used to make gear heavier. Here are the details.

Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium GPS Watch

Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black sports watch

The most recent update at the top of the Suunto range is the 9 Peak fitness watch, which offered a best-in-class170-hour battery life plus over 80 sport modes. And all that in a package almost 40% lighter than its predecessor.

Beat that? Suunto goes for it with the new titanium successor, the only way it could: with steez. The watch’s “diamond-like” beveled titanium cuff is striking enough to stand out in the sports category but demure enough to look like it belongs there.

And bonus points to the brand: It forged the new 9 Peak using 100% renewable, carbon-neutral processes.

Titanium for the Boardroom, Silicone for the Backcountry

Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black sports watch

Swap out the silicone strap, and you’re ready to run, bike, hike, kayak, SUP, swim, ski, circuit train — even climb, paraglide, or cheerlead — plus perform any of the 80 built-in sport modes.

The 9 Peak Full Titanium Black comes with every feature that made the original Suunto sports watch successful. Water resistance up to 100 m, Suunto app integration, advanced GPS nav, immense battery life, various fitness monitors, and rapid one-hour charging are all on board.

“With this new premium Suunto Peak model, users have an all-in-one watch for chasing peak experiences in nature and simultaneously providing a stylish and elevated look off the trail,” said Suunto president Heikki Norta.

“The Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black truly speaks to our design ethos of building uncompromisingly durable and high-quality sports watches with a minimalistic Nordic aesthetic, and we are excited to bring this new offering to market.”

Availability and Pricing

Luxury jewelry as it is, Suunto plans to release the watch in a tiered approach. It granted select markets preorder access via Suunto.com on April 5. Next, the company will expand its availability through a limited number of European partners on April 12.

The mere mortals among us can look forward to getting our grubby paws on the Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black in May 2022. The total package — watch, titanium bracelet, and silicone sports strap — goes for $1,099 MSRP.

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