the north face launches used gear store

Used Gear Trend? The North Face Launches Refurbished Collection

The North Face wants to reduce the estimated 85 percent of textile that winds up in landfills with its Renewed collection. This move follows similar recent initiatives by other brands aiming to make gear last longer.

the north face launches used gear store

Return an item to The North Face and you might see it again, fixed up and functional. This week, the brand launched the Renewed collection, which is all about limiting waste.

Here’s how it works. First, partnering organization The Renewal Workshop professionally cleans the old gear. Then, The North Face tunes it up, replacing buttons, zippers, stitching, etc., and sells it online.

The North Face sources the used gear from items that were returned, defective, or damaged.

“As we address the impacts of our products over their entire lifecycle, re-commerce is an important next step in opening new markets and minimizing our impact on the planet,” said James Rogers, director of sustainability.

“We are furthering our sustainability goals without sacrificing durability or technical standards,” he continued.

The move follows considerable efforts by other brands to sell refurbished gear, like Patagonia’s Worn Wear. In October, REI launched a used gear marketplace online. Vibram encouraged people to resole their boots as part of its Sole Factor Tour in 2017.

The North Face sees this as a significant shift for its global brand, as it has never sold refurbished gear before.

Renewed Collection: TNF Recycles Gear

Browse the Renewed collection and you’ll notice styles and soft goods from both past and current collections. Technical jackets go for less than their original price but function the same.

The North Face performs quality checks on the used gear to make sure it’s up to the brand’s standards.

Among the Renewed collection, you will find the brand’s high-end Summit Series pieces, Denali Jackets, and other popular pieces.

Because the Renewed Collection is in its pilot phase, the offerings are available online only.

Some standout picks include TNF’s Ventrix JacketApex Flex rain jacket, and Campshire Pullover Hoodie. We’re stoked to see the brand giving new life to products that otherwise would end up in landfills. Check out the collection here.

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