Cedar Wright in red puffy jacket climbing up face of peak in Antarctica
(Photo/The North Face)

Huff, Puff, Suffer: Hear The North Face Athletes in Action With Sonos ‘Soundscapes’

Sonos and The North Face have teamed up for a new way to ‘Never Stop Exploring’ from home.

Launched today, The North Face and Sonos partner to launch the Soundscapes series. This audio adventure lets you experience a variety of outdoor exploits and TNF expeditions through sound.

What does climbing with Alex Honnold sound like? What kind of rush does skiing Lhotse bring? With this series, you’ll get to listen in and find out.

S20 Summit Series
(Photo/The North Face)

“We’ve spent over 50 years enabling some of the world’s greatest athletes to not only achieve their goals, but to inspire the next generation of explorers,” said Steve Lesnard, Global VP of marketing and product at The North Face.

“What our partnership with Sonos unlocks is a completely new avenue for storytelling.”

In total, The North Face and Sonos launched nine field recordings, from expeditions on the peaks of Peru to the icy plains of Antarctica to the waterfall landscapes of Japan, and more. Each original recording is then mixed, sequenced, and combined with an original score.

The result? The ultimate audial adventure, with real-life sound effects and guided by the voices of some of the coolest adventurers around.

Or, as Alex Honnold calls it, “a soundtrack to their experience.” If you are into podcasts or radio, definitely give the series a try.

The North Face and Sonos Expedition Soundscapes

“The Expedition Soundscapes: Never Stop Exploring Series” is live online on Mixcloud, or you can listen live below.

Here’s a full list of the soundscape episodes:

  • Thanks for the Beta
  • Skiing Lhotse
  • Sawanobori
  • Dirty Gnar Gnar
  • Sending El Cap
  • Towers of Tigray
  • Life Coach, Alaska
  • Pitumarca
  • Expedition Antartica

Athletes featured in the series include Alex Honnold, Emily Harrington, Hilaree Nelson, Jim Morrison, Cedar Wright, Matty Hong, James Pearson, Savannah Cummins, Nina Williams, and Renan Ozturk.

The soundscape series is currently available on Mixcloud, Sonos Radio, and YouTube (captions available) in 16 countries.

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